Senior Citizens Who Stay in Because of Incontinence

Incontinence in seniors can be the killer of a social life

Incontinence in seniorsMany people do not realize when a senior becomes reclusive or anti-social and does not like to go out is a reason that might be unexpected. It’s incontinence.  It’s a subject that no one likes to talk about.  It’s the fear that when they do go out that they might have to find a restroom in a hurry and not find one in time.  They have an accident and experience embarrassment. To them the comfort of staying at home eliminates that fear.

As we all grow older our bodies begin to change.  Muscles are not as strong as they used to be, and mobility is not either.  If the urge is there to use the restroom and there is not one around then there is the chance of an accident.  This is why seniors who suffer with incontinence do not like to go to new places where they are not familiar with their surroundings.  Knowing where the closest restroom is becomes the priority of the event.  If the restroom is not easily accessible, or not sanitary then these factors can attribute to them not wanting to go out.

It may also have to deal with the type of incontinence in seniors.  For many individuals urinary incontinence is the most popular.  For men who have urinary incontinence due to a prostate procedure it might only be temporary as they got through the recovery period.  Medication and muscle loss bring on the need to urinate often.  Their options are a little broader than a female.  There are under pads, absorbent washable underwear, and discreet portable urinals like the Stadium Pal.

Women do not have as many options, but here are pads that can be worn, adult undergarments, washable absorbent underwear.  A discreet portable urinal is also available, although not as popular as the men’s.  Women find that a F.U.D. (female urinary device) can be very helpful when traveling or going out.  Sometimes its not the urge to go but the cleanliness of the facilities where they are.  No woman wants to sit on a dirty toilet seat, and if modality is a problem hovering over the seat is nearly impossible.  A F.U.D. allows a female to urinate while standing.  Some are disposable and other can be rinsed and reused.  All are small enough that they can discreetly fit in a hand bag.

There are solutions that can help with this fear.  Some require a new way of thinking, and trying something new, but consider the alternative.  You can stay at home and do nothing, or go out and enjoy life. We are all human and because they are discreet no one will know you are using it.


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