Secrets to Prevent Women’s Urinary and Vaginal Infections

Revealed: Little Known Ways to Prevent Urinary Tract and Vaginal Infections in Females

Almost every girl, teen or adult woman experiences a urinary tract and/or vaginal infection at some time in her life. The urge to urinate frequently, burning and discomfort of urinary tract infections are annoying and can become serious if not treated quickly. Vaginal infections result in itching, discharge, and sometimes even painful sexual relations.

Repeated doctor’s visits and costly prescription medication are expensive and sometimes do little to prevent repeat symptoms returning in the near future. Perhaps this is because so few doctors take the time to provide a little helpful advice to women to education them about ways they can prevent many of these infections and, once their current problem is treated and cured, avoid future urinary tract infections and vaginal infections.

As a woman who experienced many, many urinary infections and vaginal infections during one time of my life, I researched, talked to doctors and gathered facts that work. I have not had a urinary tract infection in years – and I even have a genetic kidney birth defect which makes this especially amazing.

The same facts I will reveal to you also help prevent vaginal infections which can be so annoying and require such messy vaginal medication.

First of all, women’s bodies were not meant to be enclosed in layers and layers of clothing which ends up becoming moist from perspiration. In today’s society, we wear frilly underwear, tight panty hose, and then often pants over this, making three layers that air must pass through to reach the body. The result is that moisture builds in the undergarments. Guess what? Bacteria love a moist, warm place to grow and that is exactly what happens. The result is either a urinary tract infection or a vaginal infection.

The best advice my doctor ever gave me was: “Get rid of so many layers of clothing!” Eve was designed to go naked in the Garden of Eden, and since I’ve stopped layering clothing, the problem has been helped.

Wet swimsuits in summer are another perfect warm, moist environment in which bacteria can take hold and enter the vagina or urethra. Do your sunning first, then swim and get out of the wet swim wear as soon as possible. You can always change into another swim suit if you want to remain in the sun. But don’t give those bacteria a chance to grow and they grow QUICKLY!

Another bit of advice that is crucial to preventing both types of infections is a matter of personal hygiene. Most women don’t have a bidet, but if you do, use it. However, if you, like most of us, use toilet tissue, remember to ALWAYS wipe from front to back. This prevents bacteria from the anal area from getting near the vagina and urethra.

And, the last secret I want to reveal to you is a proven way to avoid many of these annoying infections. Whenever you have sexual intercourse that involves your partner depositing semen in the vagina (remember, if you aren’t having a monogamous relationship, use condoms) then within five to ten minutes of completion of the sexual act, go to the bathroom and urinate. Even if you don’t really need to urinate and can only pass a little urine, it will allow the urethra to cleanse itself. Also, if you are a person that enjoys anal sexual activity, never, ever allow a penis that has been in contact with your anus to enter your vagina without through cleansing! This can cause a serious infection that will require medical treatment.

Remember these secrets tips and share them with your friends. You’ll experience fewer, and perhaps no, urinary tract or vaginal infections!

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