Protecting Yourself from Germs With a Hand Sanitizer

How good are you at protecting yourself from germs?

Prefense hand sanitizer is good for protecting yourself from germsMany people have fallen in love with using an alcohol based hand sanitizer.  The front of all the labels pretty much read the same way.  They kill 99.9% of germs.  The back of the labels read the same way too.  With a warning label. Highly flammable and keep reach out of children.

That is a frightening that people put a highly flammable liquid on their hands when they don’t have to. Non alcohol hand sanitizers like PreFense are starting to catch on and for good reason.  Prefense can be applied once and give you 24 hour protection.  It attaches itself to your skin with an invisible layer. Now your hands have an invisible pair of gloves on them that kill bacteria and viruses on contact.  They are like tiny nano spikes on your hands. Destroying germs and viruses at the molecular level before they are a chance to harm you.

Alcohol versions are effective at protecting yourself from germs, but they are only active when they are wet on your hands. With the high concentration in them it dries pretty quickly, but once it dries the protection is gone.  The average person will touch their face an average of 2-3 times per minute.  That is 120- 180 times an hour. Over the course of the waking hours of the day that could be 2000-3000 times a day.  If you are looking for protection from an alcohol based hand sanitizer you would need to apply it several hundred times a day at least.

Every surface contains germs and bacteria, and it is good for our bodies, as it helps to keep our immune system in good working order.  But there is also plenty of germs and bacteria in the air, so by using a 24 hour hand sanitizer you are not hurting your immune system.  During flu season it doesn’t hurt to go the extra lengths to make sure your hands are protected.  80% of viruses are passed by human contact.  We touch objects all day that other people have touched and left their germs behind.  We shake hands, handle money, grab door handles, and do our best to make sure we wash our hands before we eat.  But when we subconsciously touch our faces as many times as we do there is no way an alcohol based hand sanitizer, and hand washing can protect us.

PreFense can give you the protection you are looking for and protect yourself from the flu. I dispenses in a foam form, and acts as a moisturizer.  So not only is it protecting yourself from germs, but keeping your hands soft.  Alcohol based hand sanitizers will only dry your skin out with frequent use.  It will damage your skin, cracking it, and robbing it of its natural oils.

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