Zodi Stove Top Hot Water Heater System Camping Shower


When it comes to camping hot water heaters Zodi knows what it takes. Even while camping it is important to practice good personal hygiene.

We have more personal hygiene products for camping, like the sanitizer for human waste CHEMISAN and the unisex portable urinal URIWELL!


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You can turn human waste to humus type compost, thanks to the new ChemiSan powder application.

ChemiSan Sanitizer for Human Waste

The Little John

The Little John Portable Urinal receptacle for travel, camping, or outdoor sports. This hand held latrine is a great product for dealing with incontinence and all types of emergencies

Little John Portable Urinal

The universal design of the Zodi Stove Top Heater System Camping Shower makes it possible to get instant hot water using any kind of stove. Using this appliance could not be easier – simply place it onto the stove, immerse the pump in the water and turn on the stove. Hot water will be available in seconds to shower or wash dishes.

The waterproof battery case features an on/ off switch and only requires four batteries (D-cell). Able to heat up to 60 gallons of water before the batteries will need to be replaced. The powerful 6 Volt pump will provide enough water pressure for showering. Because the pump has a built in filter for debris, there is no risk of pipes getting clogged.

The Nylon padded gear bag not only serves to store the equipment when not in use, but as a four gallon water bag. The Zodi Water Heater comes complete with an 8′ shower hose and a water saving shower head. The temperature can be regulated up to a temperature of 100 degrees F by simply turning the gas valve or re-circulating the water. Naturally, the hot water can be used for any purpose, whether it is to have a shower, or hose down the kids after a hard day’s play. Because the hot water will be ready within seconds every time, it is virtually impossible to run out of hot water.

This is a hot water solution to any camping, fishing or hunting trip. No trip should be without the ability to perform basic personal hygiene routines like having a shower. With the Zodi Stove Top Heater, hot showers will be possible wherever you are.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

Designed to provide hot water for basic personal hygiene needs using a simple camp stove

Bullet Points

Instant unlimited hot
Water Complete with Gear Bag
Water Temperature adjustable up to 100 Degrees F
Pump with Debris Filter
Flexible Shower Hose – 8'
Watertight Battery Case
 Uses four D-cell Batteries

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UPC6 84805 05110 0Weight12 lbsBox Size15” x 10” x 10”


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