Zodi i.hut Shower Enclosure with New U-Shaped Door


The Zodi Ihut Shower Enclosure is a great privacy tent designed for outdoor activities, portable toilets, showers or events where changing is a problem.

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The Little John

The Little John Portable Urinal receptacle for travel, camping, or outdoor sports. This hand held latrine is a great product for dealing with incontinence and all types of emergencies

Little John Portable Urinal


You can turn human waste to humus type compost, thanks to the new ChemiSan powder application.

ChemiSan Sanitizer for Human Waste

The Shower Enclosure is 4 ft by 6 ft size providing safety and comfort as well. The enhanced features of the product make it one of the most desirable on the market.

The door is suitable for people with mobility problems; the privacy enclosure can also be accessed by people with disability. It is extremely easy to enter or leave the hut, and the safe and secure zipped door allows full enclosure, without leaving any gaps. The shape of the door is created in a way that it allows people to unzip and close it easily.

Setting up the Ihut  portable toilet privacy tent is extremely easy. It comes with flexible poles, made of fiberglass and four corner straps. The detachable floor is making the privacy enclosure suitable to use outdoors, making sure that the inside will not get muddy and insects will not get inside the hut either. You can add the floor if you use the privacy enclosure outdoors, or simply leave it out.

The portable toilet enclosure is made of coated nylon and is waterproof. You can clean the hut easily by detaching the floor. The material is sturdy and is built to last; no matter if there are rocks on the ground or the floor is uneven. The Ihut privacy enclosure is a great solution, made of a strong, no see-through material.

Still, there are other great features of the Ihut  portable toilet. It comes with loads of pockets for soap, shampoo, toilet paper and the roof is open. This means; if it is used as a portable toilet enclosure, it will allow free fresh air ventilation, without compromising the privacy.

New Optional canopy gives more privacy for when using in low lying areas. Note this will only work with the new I.hut, and not with previsous models.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

Keep your privacy while showering outdoors.

Bullet Points

New and Improved Features:
Plenty of room -XL size, 4 feet wide per side, almost 6 feet diagonal
Overlapping door
New U-Shaped Door
Larger opening for easier entry and exit
Coated nylon sides for extra waterproof durabilit
Door springs shut
Self supporting

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UPC6 84805 01063 3Weight12 lbsBox Size28" x 6" x 6"


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