Zodi Extreme Self Contained Hot Shower


Zodi Self Contained Hot Shower is for when you’re out and about camping.  In the wilds of the country, working on a site without power or even traveling interstate.

We have more personal hygiene products for camping, like the sanitizer for human waste CHEMISAN and the unisex portable urinal URIWELL!


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You can turn human waste to humus type compost, thanks to the new ChemiSan powder application.

ChemiSan Sanitizer for Human Waste

The Little John

The Little John Portable Urinal receptacle for travel, camping, or outdoor sports. This hand held latrine is a great product for dealing with incontinence and all types of emergencies

Little John Portable Urinal

Zodi addresses this with a terrific, highly portable product that can provide just that. The Zodi Extreme Self Contained Hot Shower system uses the latest technology to bring hot water at any location. This system has been the #1 hot shower of choice for back country use for years and it’s easy to see why. Primarily its use is as a shower and the system comes complete with a 6-foot shower hose, a hand operated pressurizing pump and showerhead with on/off control. Water is heated to over 100 F in a little over 5 minutes by a powerful 10,000 BTU stainless steel stove.

The high quality stainless steel construction also ensures the system is durable in a variety of situations and a handy thermometer is provided for keeping an eye on current water temperature. On top of that, there’s a hot shower system that is simple to operate and can be setup in less than 1 minute. That means a quick and easy shower is available any time, any place.

The Zodi has dual purpose. It quickly collapses and can be used as a cooking stove providing a versatility from one product that is so valuable when camping and on the move. The Zodi Extreme Self Contained Hot Shower weighs in at only 12 lbs and comes boxed at 26” x 9” x 9” which is terrific for storing in the RV or car during your travels.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Product Specifications

Weight12 lbsBox Size26” x 9” x 9”





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The Extreme is new and improved to provide greater comfort of hot showers when traveling or camping.

Bullet Points

Heats to over 100 F in about 5 minutes
Handy thermometer displays water temperature
1 piece hand pump pressurizes system without batteries
6 foot shower hose with on/off control shower head for extra convenience
Stainless steel burner construction for extra durability
Tank holds 3 gallons of water

New Improvements included
More durable, kink-resistant hose
More precise temperature strip
Longer hand pump for easier and maximized tank pressure
More functional zippered storage bag


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