Wearever Womens Nylon and Lace Incontinence Protection Panties


Specially made to offer protection against unwanted adult urinary leakage in women. Featuring double protection against leaks and odor, this women’s underwear can help to prevent light to moderate incontinence from ruining your day. Sizing Guide



These Nylon and Lace Incontinence Protection Panties offer protection against unwanted and nuisance adult urinary incontinence.

Soft and silky nylon design offers comfort and confidence, and eliminates skin irritation.

With a generous rear cover and classic styling, this women’s underwear can cater women in sizes of S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL. Used for light to moderate incontinence, they offer a Unique-Dri™ super absorbent pad that traps liquid for all day protection. Agion™ antimicrobial fibers eliminate odor causing bacteria leaving the wearer clean and fresh smelling at all times.

With a waterproof outer layer for preventing leakage, and a reusable design, these panties are able to be easy-care machine washed and dried for up to 200-250 washes. More economical than most disposable products on the market they allow for protection for all women at any time of the day. Check out the Sizing Guide

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Manufacturer SKU



Elegant and stylish look and feel for all day protection

Bullet Points

Washable and reusable up to 250 times
Waterproof and odor-proof properties
More economical than disposable undergarments
For light to moderate incontinence
Generous rear cover
No pads or inserts required




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