Warm Water Installation Kit Bidet – Hand Held


The Brondell Warm Water Installation Kit for Bidet (valve kit) will take your hand held bidet from cold water spray to a fully adjustable temperature spray. A bidet alone promotes great hygiene. Yet hot or warm water gives a whole new level of clean. Not to mention that it feels so much nicer.

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The Brondell Warm Water Installation Kit for Bidet upgrade is an investment in your hygiene and comfort that you will never regret. It will install easily onto all Brondell hand held bidet or any other type hand held bidet that uses a half inch hose connection. Installation takes about 15 minutes. All accessories necessary for do it yourself installation are included.

The temperature adjusting hot/cold valve, connectors and hot water connection hose are made with high quality metal that will remain leak-free.

The water valve is fully adjustable for temperature and water pressure. It can be adjusted each time it is used with an easy to twist ergonomic handle makes adjusting it effortlessly . The user has the ability to use warm or natural water temperature. The comfort of warm water versus cold water washing cannot be compared. Be sure to test the spray before using, as each person prefers a different water pressure. Thanks to its adjust ability, everyone gets what they want.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

Temperature Valve for Hand Held Bidet

Bullet Points

Easy Installation – works with all toilets
Ergonomic handle for comfortable adjustment
Water pressure adjustment for your choice of spray power
Advanced safety because of the brass core of the water shutoff valve
Two T-Valves to allow the hot water in that come in 3/8” and 1/2” size and fit standard connections
No electricity or other power sources necessary
Comes with a hot water connection hose that is made of braided metal (78” long, standard 3/8” connection)
A full one year warranty

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