UroClub Golf Club Portable Urinal


A discrete and sanitary way to relieve yourself when there’s no relief in sight.
As of 2019, UroClub is only available on: UroClub.com

We have other personal portable urinals like STADIUM PAL for men, the STADIUM GAL for women, and URIWELL – Unisex!


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The Stadium Pal

A portable urinal for men that can be worn on the inner calf. Originally developed as a health care product for the incontinent by the home health care industry.

Stadium Pal - Discrete Portable Urinal For Men

Uriwell Unisex Portable Urinal

The design allows for flexibility, it’s easy to use and it collapses to a compact size for easy storage. The Uriwell portable urinal has a maximum capacity of 750cc, each coil can hold 30cc if you need to track urine output.

Uriwell unisex personal toilet portable urinal available at BioRelief - expandable design with durable and safe material

About the UroClub

It happens to the best of us. Even if you go before you leave the clubhouse, it gets hot out on the course and you find yourself drinking to keep cool. By the 3rd or 4th hole you’re feeling the pressure, and your score is paying the price. Missed putts. Shanked drives. You need relief, but you’d like to keep that country club membership intact. They frown upon using their well-manicured landscaping as a bathroom.

That’s where the UroClub comes to your rescue. The club is the discreet, sanitary way to relieve yourself on the course. Created by a Board Certified Urologist, it looks like an ordinary club, but has a half-liter hollow grip to relieve yourself. The UroClub is leak proof, easy to clean and is the perfect solution to avoid an embarrassing situation.

Using the Club is simple. A privacy shield, cleverly disguised as a golf towel, hooks to your belt and to the Club. Then you just unscrew the cap, do your business, re-seal and put things away. The Club is easy to clean, and can be emptied at any proper restroom.

Just as umbrellas, coolers, and water hazard tools have become common in most golf bags, the UroClub deserves a place right alongside your accessories.

Additional information

Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in



How to use and take care of the Uro Club
1. Remove the Uro Club from golf bag and attach the towel’s center, quick fast and clip, to the metal ring at the top of the club handle.
2. Unscrew In preparation for use
3. Slide waist band clips (located at the corners of the towel) over the waistband or belt. These should be placed close to the hips to keep towel taught.  The lower half of the towel malfunctions as a privacy shield.
4. Proceed with urination.
5. Once completed screw the cap back on to the Uro Club firmly, but do not over tighten as this may result in damage to the inner gasket. The club is designed to be leakproof with normal usage.
6. Now unfasten the towel from your waist band and from the club.  The towel can be stored for easy access on your golf bag, using the quick fasten clip.
7. Dispose of urine at your earliest convenience, at the nearest restroom or when you arrive home.
8. Cleaning the club is quick and easy.  Be sure the contents are completely emptied, then add a few drops of liquid hand soap to the club  and fill about halfway with water. Replace and shake. Now unscrew cap and drain contents. Allow to air dry. Never use chlorine-based detergents or harsh chemicals to clean the club this may damage the club and dinner gasket.
9. The club is now ready for your next carefree round of golf.
10. The towel maybe wash separately but remove the quick fasten clip first.
11. Remember the club is not meant to function as a real golf club.  Never swing the Uro Club or use it to hit another object.  The manufacturer is not responsible for damage sustained to the Uro Club or to other surrounding equipment as a result of misuse.


Faux Golf Club With Discrete Feature For Your Indiscrete Moments

Bullet Points

Looks like a 7-Iron
Half-Liter Capacity
Leak Proof (Triple Sealed!)
Great Gift Idea

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