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The cost of adult diapers can quickly add up. The Uro Bag System provides a more comfortable and more affordable option. The leg bag is washable and can be used for a month, so the system quickly pays for itself. Even better, the Uro Bag System is the first item from Uro Concepts Inc. that has been approved for Medicare reimbursement.

4.00 out of 5
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Men who experience urinary incontinence often live in fear of accidents. Any male external catheter with a leg bag provides discretion and security; however, most products on the market require tight leg straps that can be particularly painful and even harmful to the elderly or disabled. The Uro Bag System is an ideal alternative that doesn’t sacrifice quality for comfort.

Without the use of uncomfortable leg straps that can cut off circulation and chafe the skin, the Uro Bag System remains in place while the wearer enjoys full mobility. The system is comprised of an extension tube that connects to any male external catheter and a strapless leg bag that collects urine. The product benefits those suffering from incontinence in ways other bag systems and diapers do not:

  • Physical – Doesn’t cause side-effects such as skin ulcers
  • Mental – Never worry about the bag falling to the ground
  • Financial – Reusability makes it more cost efficient than diapers

Uro Bag System Includes:

  • 30 day reusable 700ml/24oz latex rubber leg bag
  • T-valve release port
  • Unisex leg bag holder with 2 pockets
  • Catheter tube with connector

Individuals who have latex allergies or have been diagnosed with spina bifida are advised not to use the Uro Bag System due to risk of allergic reaction.

Additional information

Weight 0.625 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Bullet Points

Strapless leg bag
Doesn't cut off circulation to lower legs
Doesn't cause skin abrasions or ulcers
More secure than a leg bag with straps
Medicare approved
For use with Foley catheter, ileoconduit catheter, condom catheter, superpubic catheter and nephrostomy catheter systems
Comes with 700ML / 24oz Leg Bag


Unisex Leg Bag System that has no Leg Bag Straps, and is Washable

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7 reviews for URO Urine Collection Strapless Leg Bag System with

  1. Roy

    I have been using Men’s Liberty external catheters since Aug 2016. I had a couple of issues in the beginning…user errors! However, Men’s Liberty staff were quip to respond to my call, issue, and remedy. I highly recommend Men’s Liberty and products. It’s no BS. It worked for me when all others failed. So, say good by to diapers and embarrassing accidents.

    • BioRelief Support

      Thanks for sharing with us Roy! This external catheter is great and it has helped many people to move pass incontinence issues and live their lives to the fullest.

  2. Benji

    So much more comfortable than those leg straps! Bag does not fall down- yeah!

  3. rlarsen

    Definitely a good idea. The shorts fit well and the collection bag is secure but accessible. My main criticism is the quality of the drain valve on the collection bag. It is very fiddly, and prone to popping out completely instead of opening. When this happens, the drain basically turns into a sprinkler, defeating the whole purpose. Improving the drain valve so that it’s easier to grip and impossible to accidentally disassemble would raise this to a five-star system for sure.

  4. Ben

    At first I thought it would be great. IT WASN’T! I wore it once and the connection from the hose to the bag started leaking. I couldn’t get it to stop. I finanally just gave up.

  5. Ken

    Enjoyed using it instead of the one with straps. I have already used it for 20 days and able to clean it with no problem.

  6. Ben

    Changed my life. I can do things now that I could not do with leg straps.

  7. Carl

    Very Good Quality

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