URO Underwear Strapless Leg Bag Undergarment without Leg Bag


Leg Bag is not included.  To purchase the undergarment with a leg bag please click this link.

For those looking for the comfort of a Strapless Leg Bag there is the Uro Leg Bag undergarment.  These washable underwear are soft and can be reused after each washing.  Design for people with an active lifestyle they take the place of the cumbersome leg bag straps that sometimes get in the way.  This set of underwear is sold without a LegBag.  It is just the cotton jersey shorts. 

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Incontinence affects the lives of many individuals.  Some people develop a fear of leaving the house because they may have an accident because they won’t find a restroom in time.  With adult undergarments being big and bulky many people look for an alternative so that they can remain active.  For men using an external catheter this underwear is a great alternative so that they can remain active.  They are safe to use and completely discrete.  When male external catheters are used with the Uro LegBag Underwear, one can play sports or go for long walks without the trouble of a leg bag sliding down because the straps became loose.  The shorts have pockets sewn on either side of the leg so that the user can decide which side they want their leg bag on for greater comfort.  At the bottom of each pocket is small opening so that the drain port can be accessed.  The underwear is designed to hold leg bags that support any type of catheter.

Made from Cotton and Viscose.  Elastic is latex free

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

Unisex Boxer Briefs with Sewn in Pockets for a Leg Bag Without Straps

Bullet Points

Prevents circulation cutoff
Keeps leg bag from sliding
Can be used with any style catheter
Able to hold up to a 700ml Leg Bag
Discrete under clothing
Leg Bag Sold Separately



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    Great product would like the Medicare approved product Uro Bag System HCPCS Code #A5112 1 per month

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