Uriwell Unisex Urinal For Toilet Training Children


The Uriwell is a unisex urinal for kids that is able to help parents when it comes to potty and toilet training. Children's hospitals are always looking for ways keep objects and medical equipment kid friendly as to not intimidate them. This unique urinal answers that need.

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The Uriwell urinal for kids is the perfect solution for potty and toilet training, or traveling. A kid’s urinal that offers parents peace of mind knowing that a toilet is always within reach, especially when young children are still learning to hold it.

Featuring a corrugated design the urinal is high flexibility to help cater for both boys and girls. With a choice of 3 cap designs that feature a frog, a duck, or a bear it is much easier to make the child feel more comfortable when using the device. Once snapped shut it offers an air tight seal that eliminates odors and spills.

Constructed with non-toxic polypropylene that is safe for children to use.  Features a yellow colored lower body for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance that blends. Now there is a urinal for children that is perfect for those long car trips where a toilet is nowhere in sight.  Making toilet training easier for added convenience to any parent or guardian.

Beneficial for hospitalized or special needs children when urine needs to be monitored due to a medical illness or conditions. It’s unique design helps the parent or nurse keep a track of the amount the child urinates if required by a doctor. Each coil of the Uriwell holds 30 cc so there is no guessing when a reading needs to be taken.

Additional information

Weight 0.375 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Product Specifications


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Urinal Design

Unisex – Boys/Girls

Head Type

Snap on

Head Designs

Frog, Duck and Bear

User Friendly



non-toxic polypropylene



Lid Type

Air tight

Spillage Rate




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Bullet Points

Features a duck, frog and bear cap to suit each child
Unisex: Can be used for both girls and boys
Constructed from non-toxic polypropylene for additional safety
Snap shut cap to prevent spills
Lid is air tight to reduce odors from escaping
Ideal for hospitals to make it a playful game
Holds 375 cc almost 13 oz.
FDA Approved


Avoid messy potty training and travel trips with the Uriwell urinal with exchangeable animal heads for kids


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