Uritravel Disposable Unisex Portable Urinal 3 Pack


The Uritravel is a portable toilet that is perfect for use for both men and women when traveling. The adapter was molded over the female anatomy so women find it easy to use. Offers no spillage with its unique snap shut top design. A compact feature makes it easy to stow

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The Uritravel portable urinal is the perfect solution for everyone when traveling long distances when a toilet is nowhere in sight. This unisex urinal is cleverly designed to cater for both men and women of all ages.  Even if someone is elderly, physically challenged, or disabled it provides an easy solution when on the move or in an emergency.

It’s unique design brings peace of mind when concerned about spillage or mess. Unlike many other urinals the Uritravel features a snap shut top that seals the contents.  This eliminates spillage even on the bumpiest road trips. One simple press of a button on the top of the cap and the Uritravel releases crystals that work to solidify the urine within 20-30 seconds. Afterwards the urinal can then be disposed of in a trash can that is friendly to the environment.

With a holding capacity of up to 1500 ml (50 oz) this urinal can be used one than once. The side of the urinal is clearly marked to show how much room is left within it to ensure overflow is not evident.  The crystals encapsulate odors to keep any smells from escaping.

The Uritravel disposable toilet is the perfect protection against unplanned bathroom breaks when traveling. With its unique unisex design it can cater to everyone for increased comfort and protection. Its compact design makes it easy to stow, and a must for every glove box of a vehicle.  The bag itself is tucked into the underside of the unisex adapter so it takes up no room.

Additional information

Weight 0.4375 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Product Specifications

Product ID




Holding Capacity


Top Design

Snap shut

Cap Button Operation

Releases crystals for liquid solidification

Solidification Time

20-30 seconds

Used By

Men, Women, Children – Unisex

Beneficial For

Elderly, disabled, physically challenged

Environmentally Safe




Used For

Traveling, Camping, Compatible With

All types of vehicles from Limo’s to Mini-Vans

User Friendly



Strong Plastic



Manufacturer SKU



A Mini W.C. that is a safe no mess disposable unisex urinal that no car, boat, truck or plane should be without

Bullet Points

Holds up to 1500 ml (50 oz) of liquid
Snap shut top eliminates spillage
Cap button releases crystals for turning the liquid into a solid within 20-30 seconds
Disposal safe: easy to throw away or dispose without  harming the environment
Unisex design: especially desgin for females
User friendly for all ages
Designed after the Uriwell Portable Toilet
Sold in Units of 3 each


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