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It’s truly wonderful getting out and about and experiencing nature, camping in secluded spots and just enjoying the fresh air. When we do this, we should always remember to clean up our camping site before leaving and ensure no rubbish is left behind. One of the more tricky elements that we all face is what to do with toilet waste.

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TravelJohn™ has addressed this issue with a wonderful product – the Solid Waste Collection Kit. To be used in conjunction with another great product, the Foldable Chair, the Kit uses the same revolutionary design concept as their Portable Urinal but with an extra wide spout for easy use.

Designed for campers and travelers, the TravelJohn™ Solid Waste Collection Kit uses the patented LIQSORB® absorbant pouch that gels instantly and not only prevents spills and leaks, but also provides for odor-free collection.

Keeping our environment clean and tidy is one of the main considerations in developing camping based products and keeping that in mind, the Solid Waste Collection Kit is made from bio-degradable plastic. This means that it is not only better for the environment but the energy required to produce bio-degradable plastic is around half that of normal plastics. (Source: The bio-degradable plastic contain no toxic chemicals and break down far quicker than traditional plastics giving you peace of mind with the knowledge that you’re using an environmentally friendly product.

The TravelJohn™ Solid Waste Collection Kit uses a unique bag within a bag design which makes it very easy to close and seal once finished with.  Each Kit contains 3 bags and takes up only a minimal amount of room during your vacation.

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