The Palm Portable Handheld Travel Bidet with USB Charger


Travel Bidet for the comforts of home when away from it

The New Palm Portable Travel Bidet by BioBidet is the lightweight and small portable handheld bidet that is able to provide hygienic comforts when out camping or when away from home. Simply press down on the power button to control the desired pressure you need for a good hygienic cleanse. 1/2 way down for a gentle wash, and all the way down for a stronger wash.


The new light weight Palm Travel Bidet has a USB charger.  The nozzle retracts into the unit itself making it sleek and compact.  The 230ml ( almost 8 ounces ) water give you an ample supply of water to ensure a good cleanse.

A lightweight portable toilet accessory to have when out camping, or when away from home. Operated by a USB Rechargeable Battery , with a simple push of a button you can enjoy the comforts of a bidet wash and stay clean at all times.

Two sets of nozzle holes evenly disperse the water for a thorough cleaning experience. Making this mini washlet able to cater for both anterior and posterior washing. Suitable for use at any time of the day or night, it allows for added comfort with warm water washing.  Just fill with warm tap water.

Compact in size and operated with a push of a button it provides an alternative to toilet paper cleaning that promotes good personal hygiene. Ideal for both men and women alike, this handheld bidet is easy to use, even in an emergency.

Additional information

Weight 1.4375 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Bullet Points

Soft push button with dual pressure wash
7.7 ounce reservoir 230ml
Angled nozzle with double holes
Rechargeable battery with USB charger

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No need for toilet paper when traveling again



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UPC: 0641378951787


The Palm TP-100 Cleansing Feature and How to Use.




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