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The new TENA Ultra Brief ™ is offering a great skin-caring feature, while it absorbs more liquid and drives it away from the body. The moderate to heavy absorbance incontinence briefs are designed to preserve people’s dignity and help incontinence patients avoid skin irritation or infections. The improved surface design of the incontinence diaper is keeping the lining of the briefs –in contact with the sensitive skin- extra dry, thanks to the INSTADRI SKIN-CARING SYSTEM™.

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The extra soft back sheet is made of nonwoven material, to provide reduced noise and make the product less noticeable. The easy hook straps make sure that the best fitting is provided by the comfortable incontinence briefs, and the curved elastics are patented to prevent leaks and provide more comfort for patients.

The dual core system of the TENA Ultra Brief incontinence diaper is making sure that urine is quickly drove away from the skin, and the surface is kept moisture-free. It is extremely easy to change the TENA Ultra Brief and ensure that the product fits. The wetness indicator can reduce the number of daily patient disturbances as there is no need to remove the moderate to heavy absorbance incontinence briefs to check for usage.

The TENA Ultra Brief is a popular product and also comes in different sizes. These include Medium, Large, and Extra Large. They are naturally white or blue, and there are also convenience packages available to make sure caregivers do not run out from the product. These packs offer economic incontinence solution, and there are 8 packs of 12 in a case. The TENA Ultra Brief is also often praised by family members, as it is reducing the occurrences of skin rashes or infections, associated with moderate to heavy incontinence. In case of bedridden patients is helping reducing the number of diaper checks, and promotes ill people’s dignity.

Additional information

Weight 20.4 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

Features hook tabs for unlimited refastening to ensure a secure, comfortable fit around the body.

Bullet Points

Built-in skin caring system
Non-woven back sheet for dignity
Extra dry lining
Hook fastening system
Built in wetness indicator

Manufacturer SKU

67200, 67201, 67300, 68010, 67252, 67351





Product Specifications

Available in sizes:
Medium            67200            Fits waist/hip sizes: 34”-47” (86-119 cm)
Regular            67201            Fits waist/hip sizes: 40”-50” (102-127 cm)
Large                67300            Fits waist/hip sizes: 48”-59” (122-150 cm)
Extra Large      68010            Fits waist/hip sizes: 60”-64” (152-163 cm)
Medium (conv.)67252           Fits waist/hip sizes: 34”-47” (86-119 cm)
Large (conv.)   67351           Fits waist/hip sizes: 48”-59” (122-150 cm)


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