TENA Stretch Briefs Ultra Absorbency


TENA® Stretch Ultra incontinence protection is suitable for moderate to heavy bladder and bowel problems. It promotes a healthier skin and providers patients with the comfort they deserve. With the stretchable sides there is less chance of gaping or slagging. It also offers a safe fit, thanks to the Sure Stay wide hook system.



The TENA® Stretch Ultra incontinence diaper also comes with a Blue Target absorption zone, to make sure the irritation from urine and fecal is reduced. The high absorbency product is suitable for moderate to heavy bladder problems, and offers a complete incontinence protection solution for caregivers of bedridden patients.

With the Stretch Ultra it is easy to select the right size, and the diapers can be applied easier. The Sure Stay wide hook system also allows caregivers to secure the product, without any discomfort for the patient. There is no need for checking and moving the incontinent person multiple times a day, as the wetness indicator tells caregivers and health professionals when the TENA Stretch Ultra needs changing.

The Ultra incontinence diaper also has a soft, nonwoven backsheet, and it is gentle on the sensitive areas. The moisture-proof lining also makes sure that no leaking will happen, preventing stains on clothing and bed linen. This way there is no need for changing the bed so often or change patients’ clothes. The patented curved elastics also provide patients with more comfort.

The Tena® Stretch Ultra comes in two sizes: Medium/regular and Large/Extra Large. It can be purchased in cases of 72, and also prevents wastage, because the wetness indicator tells caregivers and health care workers when it needs changing. It is a great solution for bed-ridden patients as well, as the disturbance and moving can be reduced to the minimum, thanks to the Tena Stretch Ultra Incontinence diaper.

Additional information

Weight 17.5 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Bullet Points

Fully breathable sides
Blue Target absorption zone
Nonwoven backsheet
Wetness indicator
Sure Stay wide hook system
72ea to a case


Protection from Moderate to Heavy Bowel Incontinence

Manufacturer SKU

67802, 67803






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