TENA Protective Underwear Plus Absorbency


The TENA Protective Underwear plus size underwear is designed for medium to heavy incontinence, and is almost invisible under clothing. The high absorbency material allows the skin to breathe and the size is printed on the product to enable caregivers to choose the right size incontinence underwear for patients.

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The tear away sides of the product make the application easy and fast, reducing the time to be spent on changing incontinence products. The product also has an easy to use pull up and down feature. The gentle elastic waist material helps the protective plus size underwear fit the body better and ensures that no leakage will occur. It also allows the users, who are able to move change the pull on the product themselves, making it possible to live a full and independent life. They can also preserve their dignity.

The PH balanced odor protection also makes the incontinence underwear more discreet, and it can be worn for longer, without having to worry about leakage or bad odors.

It fits easily, and the absorbency level is higher than many other undergarment pants. They do not make a noise either when the patient moves, therefore it is great for going out and people, who would like to live a full life, despite their incontinence. The comfortable material allows the skin to breathe, therefore the plus size pant will not cause any skin problems. Caregivers like the , protective plus size underwear for its economical packaging and the ease of use. The leak-free and sturdy material offers more protection and promotes an independent and active life. PATENTED BODY-CLOSE FIT™ TECHNOLOGY uses more elastic threads than previous TENA® Protective Underwear throughout the pant for greater discretion and worry free security

The TENA Protective Underwear comes in three different sizes, and the elastic feature of the plus incontinence pant makes sure that patients can live a full life, without worrying that the product will be noticed.

Additional information

Weight 11.6 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in


Product Specifications

Available in sizes:
Medium        72239  Fits waist/hip sizes: 34”-44” (86-112 cm) 4 Pkgs of 18 Pcs/Case
Large           72339  Fits waist/hip sizes: 45”-58” (114-147 cm) 4 Pkgs of 18 Pcs/Case
Extra Large  72439  Fits waist/hip sizes: 55”-66” (140-168 cm) 4 Pkgs of 15 Pcs/Case



Manufacturer SKU

72239, 72339, 72439


New Body-Close Fit design moves with the body for more comfort and greater wearer dignity

Bullet Points

GENTLE WAIST ELASTIC allows pants to pull on and off just like underwear. No buttons or belts
LEG CUFFS ensure a comfortable, body-close fit
TEAR AWAY SIDES for easy, convenient removal
SIZING LETTERS for correct product selection and application


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