TENA Night Super Pad


Tena Night Pad is designed for heavy incontinence problems. Unlike general products, it is providing longer lasting protection and fast absorbency. The capacity of the pad is larger than other products’, so patients and caregivers can enjoy a restful night, without any disturbances.



The  TENA Night Super Pad for heavy incontinence is offering an extended protection for the nighttime, and its Dry Fast Duel core leads the urine away from the sensitive skin areas. Therefore the Tena Night Pad can be worn all night, without any skin problems. The soft outer cover feels like cotton, and allows patients to feel comfortable.

Caregivers have been looking for suitable night pads for incontinence for many years, to allow them to have a rest at night, and still avoid rashes and dermatitis occurring because of the long term usage of one product by their loved ones. This is now possible with the new heavy incontinence night pad.

The improved leakage protection is provided by the oval shaped elastics, and this means fewer stains on the bedding or clothing. The cover of the pad is less noisy, thanks to the improved material. The Tena Night Pad is the perfect night solution for every caregiver, who is looking for a product that holds liquid safely for many hours. There is no need for checking the condition of the night diapers, as the wetness indicator helps determine if the pad needs changing. This means fewer disturbances at night and better results.

The night pads for incontinence are available in cases of 48 pieces, and the heavy incontinence night pad has a green color as standard. It also helps patients preserve their dignity, as worn with the Tena Knit Pants the product is less noticeable.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in




Manufacturer SKU


Bullet Points

Maximum night absorbency
Can be worn with Tena Knit pants for better comfort
Dry-fast Duel Core
Long lasting dry feeling
Wetness indicator
48 ea to a case


For maximum bladder and/or bowel leakage protection


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