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TENA Knit pants are designed for long term protection and wear. They are providing secure leakage protection for men and women, who suffer from moderate bladder problems. The unisex protective underwear will suit all needs, and is providing the comfort and confidence, incontinence sufferers are looking for.

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The TENA Knit Pants is similar to a pull-on pant. But to provide more protection, a cotton/spandex blend was used to securely keep the product in place and prevent leakage. Although it is a heavy duty product and is designed to be washed several times, it does not mean it cuts in and is uncomfortable to wear. There are different pressure points developed within the material, to make sure that it will fit perfectly and not cause any problems. The latex-free material is designed to avoid irritation and skin problems.

The TENA® unisex protective underwear provides both perfect incontinence protection and maximum comfort, making life more enjoyable, and giving patents confidence to carry on with their lives, despite their condition. They are easy to use and change by the patient, that way assures them of the full privacy.

The unisex protective underwear comes in 4 sizes: SMALL/MEDIUM 20″-37″, LARGE/X-LARGE 28″-52″, 2XL-3XL 38″-62″, Bariatric 48″-72″. As the product offers maximum incontinence protection for patients, it helps not only with avoiding embarrassment, but also living life as if the incontinence did not even exist.

The Tena® Knit Pants ensure that the absorbent pads stay in place and still fit the body, making the product almost invisible. Tena’s underwear for incontinence is designed to not to lose shape, even after regular washing, making incontinence care even more affordable for patients and caregivers.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Bullet Points

More comfort for wearers, no cut-in areas
Breathable material
Flexible, cotton/spandex blend
Suitable for men and women
Cases of 24ea


Unisex protective underwear for maximum comfort for incontinence

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