TENA for MEN Light Bladder Leakage


TENA Light Bladder Leakage brief fitting incontinence underwear to be fitted in the existing underwear to provide protection for light to moderate urinary incontinence. Secure adhesive makes sure that the fitting is provided, and the specifically designed cup-shape is developed to fit the anatomical features of men.



The new Light Bladder Leakage pad for men is offering discreet protection by eliminating the odors and keeping fluid inside the core of the pads. It is a great option for men dealing with leakage after prostate surgery. It allows incontinence sufferers to get on with their lives and hide their incontinence. The confidence level of patients is increased, as the secure fit incontinence product for men is invisible and fits in briefs. It can be worn with regular close-fitting underwear products as well.

The , brief fitting incontinence underwear is designed to absorb liquid and move it away from the body, and this way it eliminates the risks of skin infection and irritation. The odor control feature of the product offers discreet solutions and is a popular urinary incontinence men product. The odor control is provided by the OdaSorb Plus™ system giving the patient a feeling of freshness and comfort.

The cup-shape design is pointy between the legs, and is more suitable for men than any other products. The secure fit will make sure that odors are locked away and the patient’s condition can be kept discreet. This way incontinence sufferers are able to live the life they would like to, without giving up on social activities.

The TENA For Men is available in packs of 20, and they can be ordered by 6 per cases. They come in a white color, and provide a cost-effective solution as well as protection of underwear.

Additional information

Weight 6.4 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

Discreet Pad for Light Incontinence Drip or Leakage

Bullet Points

For light to moderate incontinence
Specifically designed for men
Secure discreet fit
PH Balanced
Odor control
120 each to a case

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