TENA Day Light Pad


The TENA Day Light Pad offers a great solution for light incontinence problems. The body-hugging shape and the contoured core of the day pads for incontinence help users keep their incontinence problems discreet. There is no need for changing regularly, only when the product core is full. It can be determined by the new wetness indicator.



If you are a caregiver of an incontinent patient, you will need to find a long lasting and economic solution for light incontinence day problems.

The Tena Pad Day Light is designed for maximum and fast absorbency, allowing incontinence patients enjoy daily activities, without having to worry about leakage and the changing schedule. The day diapers also allow the skin to breathe, therefore wearing them will cause less rashes than regular diapers for incontinence. The urine is quickly distributed towards the core of the product, and absorbed by the Dry-fast system.

The soft and cotton-like nonwoven backsheet is also helping patients maintain their dignity, as the  light incontinence day diapers are making less noise. That means patients can socialize more and enjoy their daily activities without having to worry about their day incontinence being noticed by others. It is extremely easy to check the condition of the diapers using the wetness indicator.

The Tena Pad Day Light is a great solution for people with light to moderate incontinence problems. It has an advanced leakage protection, and is easy to use, thanks to the oval-shaped elastics. The leakage protection is also provided by the contoured core.

The Tena Pad Day Light is also available in packs of 24, and offers a cost-effective solution for caregivers wanting to promote independence and dignity of incontinence patients.

Additional information

Weight 8.5 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

For moderate bladder and/or bowel leakage protection

Bullet Points

Light to moderate incontinence
Dry-fast Core system
Light wear and lets skin breathe
The core follows the contour of the body
Soft backsheet
144 ea to a case

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