Tailgating Human Waste Collection Bags


The Human Waste Collection Bags can be used with the Tailgating Port-o-let. With odorless and leak-proof properties these bags feature a zip lock seal that keep clean up safe and efficient.  When used with the foldable commode chair it helps eliminate the need to wait in line for the public restroom.

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(3ea) Replacement Human Waste Collection bags help with waste disposal in combination with the Tailgating Porta Potty. Offering odorless and leak-proof properties, the bags are a hygienic solution for collecting liquid and solid waste without having to wait in line for a public port-o-let.

Constructed with biodegradable plastic and a zip lock seal these waste collection bags allow for safe environmental disposal. Used with the foldable commode chair it sets up a toilet within the privacy tent that can be placed near your group for your own personal port a john.

Featuring LIQSORB® it turns any human waste into an odorless, environmentally safe solid in a matter of seconds, preventing spillage, leaks and odors. With its unique “bag within a bag” design, it allows for easy sealing of the waste to be thrown away in the nearest trash can or dumpster. Each waste collection kit comes with 3 bags, 3 Antiseptic Hand wipes, and 1 Package of Toilet Paper (20 Sheets) that can be stored in the side pocket of the chair. User friendly and affordable, it provides a hygienic solution for your tailgate party to enjoy the day without the need for visiting long restroom lines at the public port-o-lets.

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Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in



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Biodegradable plastic
Zip Lock Bags feature odorless, leak-proof properties
Turns human waste into environmentally safe solid
Easy to dispose of after use


Environmental safe waste bags for a tailgating porta potty


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