SheWee Portable Urinary Device


Finally a device to help women avoid the unpleasant experience of sitting or squatting over the bowl in a public restroom or club bathroom. SheWee provides steady, clean, and discreet support for women who’d rather pee standing up.


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At first sight the SheWee may look intimidating. Its a piece of hard plastic you pee through. Not the easiest thought to have. However, once you use it, you’ll realize the freedoms something like this can provide. No waiting in lines or making extra concessions with privacy to do your business when it needs to be done. Simply pop that sucker out and go in whatever toilet is made for man or woman.

This portable female urinal device for women allows women to urinate while standing & without removing clothes. Great for camping, walking, skiing, climbing, traffic jams, traveling, unhygienic public toilets & much more. No more uncomfortable squatting or bare bottoms!

  • Remove SheWee from Bag
  • Place snug against the body.
  • Responsibly Urinate into Toilet or Receptacle
  • Rinse clean and place in bag.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Product Specifications

Reusable. Color: natural.
Weight: 17g.
Length: 170mm Width: 35mm.
Material: Polypropylene (Shewee is manufactured in natural Polypropylene because this is the most environmentally friendly plastic- it can be recycled more easily than colored plastics)
Cleaning: Urine is sterile as it leaves the body- so you don't have to clean your Shewee after every use. However, Shewee can be cleaned by machine or hand and withstands temperatures of up to 120°C.



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Available only in Extreme version now and multiple colors

Bullet Points

This Portable Urine Channel Features

Small size means discreet in many situations
Sturdy plastic makes the product reusable.
Carry bag keeps other purse items clean.
Makes enjoying outdoors possible.
No need to strip clothes off to use.

3 reviews for SheWee Portable Urinary Device

  1. Trucker Toni

    I have had my SheWee for quite some time and it is the most comfortable device for urinating into containers. There is no need for the funnel attachment to pee into bottles. Great value and easy to clean using baby wipes.

  2. izsebella

    I go fishing a lot and needed something I could use in the woods. Works perfectly. I don’t get splattered with urine anymore.

  3. dianne

    I have recently bought five portable urinary devices trying to find one that works well with a good price. I have used the Freshette for 30 years but they have gotten to be so expensive that I wanted an equal quality product for a better value. Most of the competitors are of a softer material making them difficult to use unless you are naked, then what is the use. I loved the Shewee for it solid material, easy to pack, carry and store. The only downside is that it is a little pointed on the end, making it slightly uncomfortable to wipe. All in all, it is the product I plan to use from now on. It is the best on the market for its price.

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