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The Carex® Semi Roll Pillow is a great solution if you are often feeling uncomfortable when sitting, working or lying down. Unlike other back and neck pain relief products, the posture correction cushion has multiple functions. You can use it to support your neck when sleeping, no matter if you lie on your back or side. If you were after the right spinal alignment all the time, you would not need to purchase another product for back pain relief.

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The Carex® Semi Roll Pillow can help increase your mobility. It can be an effective tool for back and neck pain relief, and supports your body in multiple positions. If you suffer from joint pain in your knees, you can even use the health product to hold your knee up when lying down. Most mobility problems are caused by incorrect posture, and the right spinal alignment can be achieved with the use of the new and revolutionary posture correction cushion.

The memory foam filling will make sure that you receive the maximum support whenever you need it, and the cushion will not lose its shape; no matter how much weight is put on it. It is an effective back pain relief product, reduces the need for painkillers and medication. You can achieve immediate relief of pressure, pain and aches, no matter if you use it in work or at home.

The cover of the Carex® Semi Roll Pillow is removable and washable in washing machines, making it even more practical. The soft polyester and rayon cover can be fitted and removed using the extra-strong zip, and it is hypoallergenic. The Carex® Semi Roll Cushion is a simple solution, designed to last for long. It only measures 20″x 8″x 4”, so you can take it with you anywhere: the car, bus, airplane or even work.

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Weight 2.22 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
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Semi-Roll Cushion provides you pain relief and correct posture

Bullet Points

Multiple functions
Ergonomically designed
Immediate relief of pressure
Non-slip cover
Easy to clean



Product Specifications

Specifications: 8"H x  20"W x 4"D






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