Janibell Refill Liners for Incontinence Disposal System


Each Liner provides up to 50 bags. Flexible continuous liner tube roll provides Eco-friendly and economic zero waste bags.  They are durable 18 micron thick film.  Made with 20% recycled material and fully biodegradable material.  Easy to install and lasts for months at a time.  Liners are White in color.

Model # 280R3B 3-Pack DIMENSION: 6(W) x 9.25(L) x 3.5(H)”

Model #330R3B 3-Pack DIMENSION: 7.75(W) x 10.25(L) x 3.5(H)”

Model #330R10B 10-Pack DIMENSION: 15(W) x 10.25(L) x 6.75(H)”