ReBuilder Conductive Gloves


ReBuilder conductive gloves are uniquely designed to help treat neuropathy in the entire hand, not just the fingertips. These gloves fit snugly and contain antibacterial silver thread that distributes current evenly from the hand-held device. The gloves connect easily with an electrode that delivers therapeutic current.



Diabetic neuropathy strikes the extremities first. The initial signs are tingling and numbness in the hands and feet. While these symptoms are not painful when first noticed, they are the harbingers of nerve damage. Shooting pain is soon to follow if symptoms are left untreated.

Treating symptoms quickly is critical, before damage is irreversible. ReBuilder’s conductive gloves are an innovative answer to the problem of neuropathy in the hands. Made from a proprietary conductive fiber that contains silver, they fit snugly from fingertips to wrist. Full contact ensures even distribution of electrical pulses that heal damage and awaken dormant nerves.

The gloves connect easily to the unit, and the silver threads repel bacteria, extending their life. Activated by an electrolyte solution, therapy begins immediately. Consistent use of these gloves relieves pain, restores function and alleviates numbness and tingling.

The conductive gloves must be worn on both hands in order to complete the electrical circuit and achieve full therapeutic effect. These gloves are safe, durable, sanitary and Medicare-approved for home use. As always, discuss the use of this or any therapeutic medical device with your doctor before purchase or use.

Until now, treating neuropathy has often been a matter of masking or blocking symptoms, not solving the problem. ReBuilder conductive gloves are a first step toward pain relief, restored function and better health.

Additional information

Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Manufacturer SKU




Bullet Points

Safe, sanitary garments last up to one year
Elastic, conductive fiber ensures full contact
Easy connection to electrodes
Sold in pairs, one size fits all
Must be used with ReBuilder Unit


Heal Nerve Damage with Conductive Gloves


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