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The ReBuilder 300 Electronic Stimulation Kit contains everything needed to begin healing nerves damaged by neuropathy. This home therapy kit includes the ReBuilder 300 unit, and electrodes.

Rx from physician required for purchase.

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People with nerve pain, muscle soreness and diabetic neuropathy will find true therapeutic relief with the ReBuilder 300. Rather than masking and blocking pain, tingling and numbness in the extremities, this innovative device addresses and heals the source of symptoms.

The key to ReBuilder’s success is its proprietary technology and its makers’ deep knowledge of nerve function. Unlike the typical TENS unit you might see in a chiropractor’s office which uses a high frequency electrical pulse to disable and quiet damaged nerves, ReBuilder uses a lower frequency pulse that is precisely matched to normal nerve function. In effect, it opens blocked nerve paths and “retrains” abnormal nerve synapses, restoring pain-free function over time.

Conductive socks and gloves are placed on the hands or feet. Other devices send current through one hand or foot, and the treatment is limited. ReBuilder sends current from one hand, up the arm to the spine, across and down the other arm to the opposite hand. In other words, it treats and heals the entire nerve path of both hands. The principle is the same for treating feet with conductive socks. Current flows from the foot up the leg, across the lumbar spine and down the other leg to the opposite foot.

Conductive glovessocks, and conductive electrolyte solution are sold separately.

All conductive garments are woven with elastic thread that contains antibacterial silver. Silver also provides additional conductivity, and elastic ensures snug fit and even distribution of current.

Treatments last for 30 minutes, and the user can determine the strength of current according to his or her needs, making it a uniquely customized home therapy alternative to clinical treatment. Best of all, the kit is Medicare-approved, with coverage available to help with the cost of purchase.

Talk with your doctor before purchasing the kit to make sure it’s right for you. Then start moving along the path to pain-free hands and feet, and a more active lifestyle!

The unit is contraindicated for patients who have pacemakers, implantable devices, are pregnant, are suffering from thrombophelebitis (blood clot). Check with your physician for his advice if you are in any of these categories.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Product Specifications

The 300 Kit includes;

The ReBuilder® 300 Electronic Stimulator
Set of adhesive signal pads
Lead Wires
5 year replacement warranty. If anything goes wrong with your unit, we will fix it or replace it
You can call us anytime to talk to a medical professional free of charge if you have any questions or special needs.


How do I use the ReBuilder? Simple as 1, 2, 3!

Fill the Footbath with warm water just enough cover your foot to the bottom of your ankle. Add 1 teaspoon of the electrolyte solution in each side and mix it thoroughly in the warm water.
Put your feet into the Footbath.
Turn the ReBuilder on and relax for 30 minutes. Put the ReBuilder away when it automatically shuts itself off.

To use the ReBuilder at home, simply sit in your easy chair and turn on the ReBuilder for a soothing 30 minute treatment. Your ReBuilder shuts itself off at the end of the treatment session so you can use it in bed and fall asleep during the treatment. Your ReBuilder automatically adjusts itself 7.83 times each second to send the exact signal that works best to condition your nerves for your particular, unique biologic individuality.
Some patients prefer to try the ReBuilder in a professional setting, and there are hundreds of doctors all around the world who are successfully treating pain patients with the ReBuilder.




ReBuilder Medical


Rejuvenate Damaged Nerves and Increase Blood Flow with Home Therapy Kit

Bullet Points

Medicare-covered and approved for home use
Electrical stimulation opens dormant nerve paths
Contracts and relaxes muscles to build strength
Relieves pain, tingling and numbness
Stimulates circulation in extremities

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