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The simple act of getting on and off the toilet is taken for granted by so many.  For those with Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, or a disability it can be difficult and frustrating.  The Power Toilet Aid puts an end to that.  A battery operated lift that promotes bathroom independence and restores dignity.  Available in a Standard and Mobile model the PTA is built with quality products, and bring back peace of mind for those with special needs.

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The Standard Power Toilet Aid attaches to almost any standard toilet without modifications.  The PTA is attached to where your current toilet seat it.  You then attach your existing seat to the PTA frame.  The PTA is powered by a 12 volt rechargeable battery, and will lift you up to 13″ above your toilet bowl height.  Where you prefer the lift switch is customizable to either the right or left support arm.  A measurement from the floor to the top of toilet bowl (excluding seat) will be necessary to determine the correct lift height.

The Mobile Power Toilet Aid uses the same lifting concept as the Standard.  This unit does not attach to the toilet.  4 locking wheel casters lock it in place to prevent any unwanted movement, and when unlocked make it easy to maneuver.  The Mobile PTA can be used over a regular toilet, or with the provided waste container as a bed side commode.

Both Mobile, and Standard models are completely collapsible to make it easy to take with you for when you are traveling, or on vacation, and will adapt to most toilets in minutes.

For those looking for the Ultimate in Personal Hygiene the use of bidet can be used.  Because of it’s unique design, and operation only a hand held model bidet will work.  A slim or spacer will be needed for Standard PTA so that it remains level when attached.  Please check out the GoBidet Handheld Shower Bidet.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

Collapsible for travleing and can fit most toilets in minutes

Bullet Points

Attaches to almost any toilet
No professional installation required
Easy to operate Lift Switch
Available in Standard and Mobile models
Lifts up to 400 lbs
Rechargeable 12 volt battery
Ships fully assembled
Able to provide help with private insurance billing



Product Specifications


Frame Width :


Distance Between Arms:

19 7/8"


39 3/4" tall Lift switch located on right side armrest. Left side available on request.

Weight Capacity:

400 pounds

STANDARD MODEL OPTIONS: attaches to toilet, use existing toilet seat

MOBILE MODEL OPTIONS: Does not attach to toilet. Includes the following features: • 4 Locking Caster Wheels • Toilet Seat • Waste Container (slides under toilet seat, can be used as bed-side commode.


Power Toilet Aid Standard or mobile Option


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