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The OneShot Liquid Counter-mounted Soap Dispenser is a standard setting, high quality touch free dispenser that detects hands with its patented, state-of-the-art Smart Sensor™ technology.  It automatically delivers exactly the right amount of liquid soap every time, reduces the risk of cross contamination and encourages frequent, healthy hand washing.

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The Oneshot liquid soap dispenser will automatically dispense the perfect amount of the specially formulated, luxurious hand washing liquid every time the Smart Sensor™ technology it uses detects hands. The touch free operation of this dispenser system eliminates the risk of picking up or spreading germs through cross-contamination.

Because the amount of dispensed liquid is controlled very precise, excessive use and therefore costly waste are permanently eliminated. As a result, each one of the hygienic, disposable liquid soap refills offers an exceptionally high yield of as many as 2000 hand washes.

The OneShot Liquid Dispenser system will not clog, leak breakdown or need any kind of repairs. Combined with its industry-leading long battery life of up to 120,000 cycles or 3 years, this makes it the most reliable, low-maintenance and low-cost dispenser system currently available.

OneShot Liquid Dispenser is also the most environmentally friendly choice any providers of public restrooms can make. The liquid soap refills are recyclable and the soaps are bio-degradable.

Many of the refills are also NSF & Green Seal certified because their packaging waste has been reduced by up to 80%. This environmentally friendly choice will also earn users LEED credits.

Available in Black/Polished Chrome, the OneShot Liquid counter-mounted Dispenser is also a very stylish addition to public restrooms everywhere.

The OneShot touch free liquid soap dispenser provides a stylish, healthy, germ free and environmentally.  A friendly alternative to ordinary soaps and dispensers by reliably controlling the amount of liquid soap.

It reduces waste, requires no maintenance, has an exceptionally long battery life and high yield refills, making it a most cost-effective solution as well. There is no other product that can offer all of these benefits rolled into one.

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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
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Earns LEED Credits
Touch free Delivery
Controlled dispensing eliminates Waste
Disposable hygienic Liquid Soap Refills
Provides 2000 Hand Washes with each Refill
Long Battery Life – up to 3 Years of 120, 000 Cycles
No Leaks – No Clogging – No Mess


OneShot Liquid Dispenser System provides perfect amount soap with Smart Sensor technology

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Installation & Operation Instructions for OneShot® Foam Touch-Free Soap System PDF Click Here




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