NEOREST 550 Bidet Toiet by TOTO


The NEOREST 550 Bidet Toiet is a quality, dual flush toilet that provides home owners with the ability to save water and energy whenever they use it. This way, they can save money over their previous models.

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TOTO’s ultra luxurious NEOREST 550 Bidet Toiet is the first high-tech “aware” toilet and integrated Washlet warm-water personal cleansing system.

The Neorest 550 is a dramatic upgrade from the traditional toilet most home owners are use to. Not only is it able to help a home owner save money but they are also able to instantly improve their bathroom experience.

Programmable Nightlight

When needing to use the restroom at night, nobody wants to go around, turning on lights throughout the house. However, once it comes to the bathroom, it can be difficult to find exactly where it is and where the opening is without turning on a light and waking up the senses (not to mention other people in the house). With the Neorest 550, it has a programmable nightlight that helps illuminate the way and allow a home owner to use the restroom without turning on the actual bathroom lights.

Automatic Open and Close Lid

How many fights have sprung up between men and women regarding leaving the toilet seat up? Well, that is no longer a problem as the Neorest 550 automatically opens and closes the lid.

Hands Free Flush

Restaurants and other place of businesses have long had hands free flushing toilets installed. Now, that is something that can be used inside of the home as well with the Neorest 550. The toilet can detect when it is in use and when someone is finished, flushing the toilet automatically.

Wash Cleansing Mode

Nobody likes cleaning the toilet, but it must be done. The Neorest 550 makes life easier as it has several different cleaning modes, allowing the toilet to clean itself.

Dual Flush

There are different levels of flush based on the waste left in the toilet. This way, only the water required to push it down the drain is used.

Additional information

Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in


Product Specifications

Water Use:   1.6 Gpf/6.0 Lpf with alternate 1.2 Gpf/4.5 Lpf
Installation position Flush System:   Cyclone Siphon Jet
Min. Water Pressure:   20 psi
Water Surface:   11-3/8" x 7-7/8
Power Cord (3ft.)Trap Diameter:   Power Cord (3ft.)2-1/8"
Rough In:   12" rough in
Trap Seal:   2-7/16"
Warranty:   Three Year Limited Warranty
Material:   Footprint Bowl: Vitreous China – Seat and Cover Plastic
Colors: Standard   Cotton White





Bullet Points

This Luxury Bidet Toilet Item Features:

Programmable nightlight
Automatically open and close lid
Hands Free Flush
Wash Cleansing Mode
Dual Flush Feature

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Manufacturer SKU

MS982CUMG#01, MS980CMG#01


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