Mobilty GSeat ULTRA Foldable Seat Cushion


The Mobility GSeat ULTRA- 95-100 is an innovative comfortable Foldable Seat Cushion that is designed for use with wheelchairs and motorized scooters. Suitable for use where individuals are seated for up to 12 hrs or more a day, it relieves pain and pressure so anyone can enjoy their day. Put an end to soft tissue pressure and suspend the tailbone (coccyx)

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The GSeat Ultra Foldable Seat Cushion is a specially made comfortable seat cushion that is able to provide relief from soreness, stiffness, stress and pain when sitting for long periods. Designed to be used for motorized scooters, wheelchairs, and individuals confined to a chair, it is ideal for where someone is seated for more than 12 hours of a day.

Featuring a folded design and integrated handles it can be easily carried, or packed away at a moment’s notice. The center relieving groove helps eliminate soft tissue pressure and helps to suspend the tailbone to remove pressure from the spine.

With the combination of visco-elastic gel and memory foam, it distributes the weight evenly when sat upon. Even after long periods of use it doesn’t break down the cushion or make it lose integrity in anyway.  Many wheelchair seat cushions become ineffective over the course of time.  The GSeat Ultra will keep it orignal shape for years to come.

Suitable for use by elderly individuals or disabled people, it can offer comfort for high demanding needs. It can also be used for people with every day needs for driving or seating at a desk.

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Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Product Specifications

Weight 4.5lbs
Dimension 16" x 18"




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Bullet Points

Designed for motorized scooters and wheelchairs
Perfect for individuals who sit for long periods
Foldable design – Integrated handle for carrying
Memory Foam and Gel combination
Available in 4 Colors

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Integrated handle that allows it to fold in half and be carried


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