Men’s Liberty External Male Catheter by BioDerm


The Men’s Liberty External Catheter promotes better hygiene than adult diapers, pads, and Foley catheters. Keeps you dry and it prevent dermatitis, UTIs and pressure ulcers!

This male external catheter works great for men with a retracted or hidden penis. Enjoy freedom from incontinence and take control of your lifestyle!

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Men's Liberty External Male Catheter Information & Application Instructions

Many men have found the answer to managing urinary incontinence in The Men’s Liberty external male catheter by BioDerm. Stay dry, prevent UTIs and enjoy odor-protection for long-term use. The design of the Men’s Liberty Catheter is perfect for men who have a retracted or hidden penis.

In fact, Men’s Liberty external catheter has been successfully tested for all male anatomies, small to large, circumcised to uncircumcised! Don’t forget to order the adhesive remover and the leg bag.

Get more details about the Men’s Liberty male catheter; including how to use it and the proper application technique to increase wear time.

Application Instructions | Using The Men’s Liberty External Catheter

How Does The Men’s Liberty Catheter work

This male external catheter securely applies to the tip of the penis with an innovative hydrocolloid adhesive face plate. The face plate is mounted on a specially designed housing that prevents it from kinking or twisting.

Its unique design directs urine away from the body leaving your skin dry preventing skin irritation. An integral collection chamber features a anti-reflux valve to prevent urine back flow.  An easy drain port allows you to connect it to a leg bag or night time drainage bag.

How To Use The Men’s Liberty With a Bed Bag or Leg Bag

This short video gives shows you how to connect the Liberty male external catheter to a bed bag.

How Does It Feel To Wear the Men’s Liberty Male External Catheter

If your skin is not full of moisture then you should achieve a 24 wear immediately. Otherwise, after a few uses your skin will adapt to the Liberty and you will be able to wear it at least 24 hours. As a result of using pads or condom catheters, your skin currently as a lot of excess moisture.  Fortunately for you, Men’s Liberty just loves moisture, so it will soak it all up, until your skin returns to a normal moisture balance.  However, that means it takes up to three consecutive applications of Men’s Liberty for you to get to a full 24 hour wear time.

If you have an enlarged or torn urinary opening due to frequent indwelling catheter it will not be a problem. The Long Slot features an extra large outlet channel. Complete with easy to read and use instructions, along with a BioPlus+ adhesive prep pad to enhance the adhesion of the hydrocolloid. Please see the video links to find out how it works, and the benefits that you can gain from it.

Instructions – General

  • Always wash your anatomy with a non-moisturizing bar soap, for example: Ivory or Gold Bar Dial.
  • Do Not use liquid soaps as they contain moisturizer which will reduce adhesion.
  • Make sure your anatomy is Completely Dry before applying.
  • Do not switch back and forth between the Men’s Liberty and other products like pads or male condom catheters.  This will shorten your wear time.

Instructions – First Time User

  • Make sure your anatomy is Completely Dry before applying.
  • First application should last 3-6 hours (good to apply first thing in the morning)
  • Second should last 8-12 hours (replace around lunchtime)
  • Third application should last 18-24 hours (replace before bedtime on day one)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get a sample of the Men’s Liberty external catheter?
No. Unfortunately samples are no longer provided by BioDerm.

What was included with the sample pack?
The free Starter Pack did come with 4 of the Mens’ Liberty samples, 4 FreeDerm remover wipes, a Quick Start DVD, and a brochure about the product.

How do I get more of the Mens’ Liberty External Catheter?
You can order the Men’s Liberty male external catheter from BioRelief with the best price in the market. We will ship you the product immediately.

Does my insurance company cover the Men’s Liberty External Catheter? ships you the product along with an invoice so that you can request to be reimbursed by your insurance company. Make sure to contact them prior, to understand your coverage and requirements.

What package quantities are offered?
You can buy the Men’s Liberty male external catheter in the following quantities: 1-pack, 5-pack, and 30-pack.

Support line for the manufacturer, BioDerm: 1-800-373-7006

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

An alternative to condom catheters, pads and diapers to help manage incontinence for men.


Easy to use
Easy to apply
24 hours average wear time
Completely external
100% Latex free
Skin friendly
Restores dignity and freedom





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23036, 23046

6 reviews for Men’s Liberty External Male Catheter by BioDerm

  1. curtis steinhour (verified owner)

    great product. the only problem I have is sometimes it falls off. I tried the condom catheters, but can’t get them on my penis, because of size. medicine doesn’t work on me. I would be nice to say what goes in the two (2) blank lines below.

    • BioRelief Support

      Hi Curtis, thanks for your feedback. I hope this product continues to help you!

  2. Awful

    As an RN this product does not work will not recommend it. Would not even give it one star

    • BioRelief Support

      Hi Ruth, we feel terrible that this product did not work for your patient.
      What product would you recommend for other people struggling to find the right solution? Thanks for sharing your insight.

  3. david L

    why is there no way attach the collections bag to your leg the 8 oz. bag is a lot weight to hang off your penis

    • BioRelief Support

      Hi David, if you are using the external catheter while you are on-the-go we recommend trying the StadiumPal:
      This product includes a collection bag with straps. Thanks

  4. Bob

    I have used the Mens Liberty for awhile now. The product works great, stays on, is comfortable to wear. I have had no issues with urinary tract infections and there is no smell as you have with condom caths. After getting used to them, you barely realize you are wearing one they are comfotable to wear, inconspicuous under pants or long shorts. I feel more comfotable and assured wearing them 24/7. Would reccomend to any man with urinary issues, great or small. They usually work 48 hours per unit for me. Just follow instructions for wear and make sure to apply a new one immediately upon removal and cleaning and you should have no issues. I wouldnt use anything else.

  5. Charles E. (verified owner)

    Better than any other I have used..

  6. Family Member

    We had tried many products before we found this product. He now has clean and dry clothes and skin as well as his dignity returned. I would recommend this product for any men in need of it.

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