Janibell Discreet Disposal Pail For Incontinence Products


The Janibell Akord Discreet Disposal Pail For Incontinence is an innovative waste container that is specially designed to be used for the discarding of used incontinence products. The Akord pail features internal trap doors that lock odors inside keeping the room odor free. It also features an easy step and drop method that provides effortless discarding of waste products.

Janibell Advanced Waste Disposal Systems are now the owners of the Akord line.

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The Janibell Pail For Incontinence container is hands free method for getting rid of incontinence products. The Janibell Akord pail offers a hands-free step and drop method of throwing away your waste without having to bend over or remove the lid by hand. The attractive design of the pail allows for easy blending with the surrounding room enabling it to be more discreet than other forms of trash cans. 

Offering a triple sealing type system with a powder-scented refill liner, the waste container keeps the room odor free. It’s easy to use design makes it simple to replace and use the compatible refill liners by cutting and tying the top when emptying.  A cutter is mounted on the access door, so that is needed is to tie a knot at the end to form your next bag. The unit is similar to a diaper genie, making for a care-free method for removal of incontinence pads, and undergarments.

The pail can handle used waste products over the course of a few days. The large pail is able to hold up to 12 large to extra large briefs before it needs to be emptied.

The unit arrives ready to use with a refill liner already installed.  Suitable for use homes and in Small Assisted Living Facilities, these pails allow for a more friendly approach when it comes to throwing away urinary and fecal incontinence products.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Bullet Points

Pail has liner installed and ready to use
Step and drop opening and disposing method
Traps odors inside the pail
Constructed from ABS plastic
Reusable cartridge
Ergonomic pedal design
Easy access door

Manufacturer SKU

15-12000, 15-13000, M330DA


Incontinence Products Disposal Made Easy



Product Specifications

Large Pail Measures 12¼ × 9¼ (10½ incl. pedal) × 20½ inches (W × D × H)
X-Large Pail Measures 14¼ × 11 (12½ incl. pedal) × 22¾ inches (W × D × H)




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