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Heaven Scent Disposable Hygiene Bag is designed for safe and discrete disposal of urinary incontinence products.  Now incontinence sufferers are able to go out and socialize, and can safely dispose diapers. The disposable hygiene bag has a baby powder scent, and is suitable to carry in the pocket or purse. This makes it extremely easy to live an independent and active life, without having to deal with the odors.

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The Heaven Scent Disposable Hygiene Bag has an opaque design, to hide the content and make sure the discreet disposal is provided. It has a scent that covers up the odors of urine, and gives confidence for people who are out and about, enjoying life without limits. There are millions of people suffering from urinal incontinence, and this should not stop anybody from going out. Using the scented disposal bags will restore confidence and let people get on with life, despite their condition and the use of incontinence products.

The scented disposal bag for diapers comes with easy tie handles, so there is no more messy tying procedure, and the content of the bag will be sealed safely. It can be used in public places or even private homes, without having to worry about the odors to be discovered. Multiple diaper disposal bags can be carried in a pocket, giving even longer protection and independence to users. Days out can be enjoyed more thanks to the Heaven Scent Disposable Hygiene Bag.

The scented disposal bag for diapers comes in a pack of 50, making it more economical than most products out there. It is not only suitable for diaper disposal, but also for other incontinence related products: wet wipes and other related products.

Additional information

Weight 0.875 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

Great for diapers, and incontinence related products

Bullet Points

50ea Powder Scented disposable bags with easy to Tie Handles
Disposal of urinary incontinence products in a discrete manner
Small enough to carry in a purse or a pocket
Opaque design to hide its contents
Baby powder scent to mask any odors

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  1. Gogran

    Just what we were looking for. Wish it came in slightly larger size too.

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