GSeat Ultra Lite-75-100 Folding Seat Cushion


The Gseat Ultra Lite- 75-100 is an innovative comfortable seat cushion that is specifically designed for traveling and recreational type activities. Exceptionally lighter than the original G Seat Classic, this cushion is easier to transport and carry for everyone when on the move. Eliminates soft tissue pressure and suspends the tailbone (coccyx)

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A new and innovative comfortable seating option that is able to provide comfort when sitting in any position. Design especially for traveling and recreational use, this seat is 1lb lighter than that of the original G Seat classic. The integrated handles and foldable design provides easy packing away or transporting when required.

The unique design offers a center relieved groove that is able to help eliminate soft tissue pressure while suspending the tailbone to reduce stress, stiffness, and pain when sitting.

This cushion is designed for individuals such as pilots dues to it’s light weight. For seat cushions with the general public in mind we recommend the GSeat Classic, and the GSeat Ultra..

Additional information

Weight 3.25 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
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Memory Foam and Gel integrated for relief for long periods of sitting

Bullet Points

Great for traveling and recreational use
 Integrated handle for easy carrying
 Combines memory foam and Visco-elastic gel
 Relieves pain, pressure, and stress on both the body and the tailbone
Available in 3 Colors




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Product Specifications

Dimensions 13.5" x 16"


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