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The Go Pilot is a portable urinal. Unlike the bulbous urinals you see at tailgating parties, the Go Pilot is a compact device that traps in odor along with urine. The user simply urinates into the bendable tube, and waste remains secure until cleaning. Benefits of the Go Pilot include:

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Anyone who has ever been on a long trip knows that rest stop bathrooms are not the most sanitary place in the world. Gas station restrooms are hit or miss, and exiting off the highway can set you way behind schedule. When traveling by plane, using an aircraft urinal is simply out of the question. So what is the person constantly on the go who constantly has to go to do? The Go Pilot is the perfect solution for anyone who can’t hold it.

The Go Pilot is a godsend to parents of young children on long car trips. However, the Go Pilot is also ideal for people of all ages and physical abilities. For people who suffer from urinary incontinence, the Go Pilot is a cleaner, more convenient solution than diapers or external catheters. The many potential beneficiaries of the Go Pilot include:

  • Aircraft pilots and personnel
  • Truck and taxi cab drivers
  • Boaters and fishermen
  • Children on long car rides
  • Elderly or disabled persons
  • Wheelchair-bound or bedridden persons
  • Otherwise healthy persons recovering from surgery

Order your Go Pilot today and never use an aircraft urinal again. The Go Pilot package includes:

  • A quart-sized urinal tank with flexible tube
  • Two twistable caps to prevent leakage and odor
  • Privacy bag
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Velcro pad for secure attachment to any surface

Additional information

Weight 1.375 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

Flexible Hose Allows for Easy Bending To Accommodate Almost any Position

Bullet Points

Benefits of the Go Pilot include:

Convenience – you can go whenever nature calls
Ease of use – adjustable tube provides easy use for people with limited mobility
Discretion – a carrier bag facilitates easy portability and discretion
Sanitation – hand sanitizer keeps the user and the device itself clean
Tube length is 12" collapsed, and 24" stretched
1 Liter capacity

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  1. Steven (verified owner)

    Hose could be a bit longer for use when standing.

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