Glacier 12 Inch Bath Grip by Moen


The Glacier 12” Bath Grip (LR2308W) provides a temporary but effective and safe solution.

There are times when mobility is impaired but not so that permanent adjustments need to be made to the home. The restricted movement may be temporary during to injury or whilst waiting for a medical procedure or it may be the onset of future incapacity. At these times the bathroom can prove a hazardous place to be. Getting in and out of the tub, being able to shower in comfort and even using the toilet may need support.

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With a unique locking suction grip that works on smooth surfaces such as tile, marble and glass the Glacier 12” Bath Grip can be used on the tub, on shower walls and near the toilet if the wall surface is suitable.  It’s an easy installation and with no need to drill screw holes the Bath Grip causes no permanent damage to any surface and leaves no marks making it a great product for rentals and as a travel aid.

It is an aid that provides support for getting in and out of the tub, a grab rail for use during showering and a grip to support sitting on and rising from the toilet. The Bath Grip is suitable for use by all the family including toddlers.

Note: The Glacier 12” Bath Grip is for balance assist only and not for body weight leverage. It should be checked before each use to make sure it is securely attached.

As well as providing a secure surface adherence, the bar features non-slip grips for additional comfort. It comes in a stylish glacier white finish and neutral trim to fit any bathroom decoration theme.

Each Moen Homecare product is tested to exacting ADA standards and the Glacier 12” tub grip comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

Support in the bathroom with the Glacier Bath Grip

Bullet Points

Locking feature provides superior stability
Large suction pads clamp tightly and eliminate movement
Ergonomic handle with anti–slip grip
Glacier finish for a bright, pure white look
Fits most tubs
Easy to install
Portable for travel

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