Freedom Clear Long Seal Male External Catheter


Available in 5 different sizes. The Freedom Clear Long Seal Male External Catheter is designed for men who prefer a longer amount seal in a catheter.  Made of 100% silicone it is highly breathable with an ultra-thin sheath that is more comfortable and healthier for the skin.


3.50 out of 5


The Freedom Clear LS stands for Long Seal Male External Catheter.  It is designed with a longer length adhesive seal on a thin silicone sheath, providing added security and comfort. It is 100% latex-free and features a kink-resistant nozzle designed to eliminate catheter blow-offs. 

Silicone male catheters are much safer for the skin than latex catheters. Latex can cause an allergic reaction and can lead to a rash.  Silicone catheters are very soft and made of a breathable material which is much better for the skin.  In fact you won’t even realize you are wearing it.  Together with a leg bag kit it can help men who experience incontinence get their freedom back and maintain an active lifestyle.

It is recommended that the skin should be cleaned with a mild soap that does not contain moisturizers.

How to choose a male catheter size

To determine the correct size of male external catheter use the provided measurement guide.  Print out this PDF file and cut out the half circles.  Rest it across your penis in relaxed normal state.  Find the correct size by seeing which half circle the penis fits into snugly. If you think that you are in between 2 sizes choose the smaller size.  You can release any pressure you may feel by taking a blunt pair of scissors and snip the band at the base of the catheter.

Men who have sensitive skin for a male external catheter

If frail or sensitive skin is an issue for you we suggest that you use a skin barrier.  A skin barrier when applied to the skin will produce a thin layer of protection.  We like to call it “fake skin”.  When the skin barrier is applied to the skin it will leave it feeling tacky. This invisible layer will protect your skin from the adhesive inside the sheath of the catheter.  So the adhesive is not coming in contact with the skin, but with the skin barrier.  The skin barrier is easily removed in the shower with warm water and soap.

Male Catheter is difficult to remove

If you have difficulty removing the catheter you can use an adhesive remover.  This will also take care of any residue that may be stubborn to remove.  You can also use a blunt pair of scissors to snip the band at the base of the catheter and work the adhesive remover under it and ease it off slowly.  Warm water and soap can also aid in the removal process.  Not everyone’s skin is the same so take your time and slowly peal it away.

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2 reviews for Freedom Clear Long Seal Male External Catheter

  1. Jim

    I am inconntinent & this system allows me to venture away from home. My wheelchair will not work in a lot of bathrooms & I dont have to stop to go all the time

  2. Dana A. (verified owner)

    I do not like the adhesive inside. It doesn’t work well and I still had to use the band around the catheter. The adhesive causing a lot of irritation. Price much to high as insurances don’t pay for them. Your Gizmo ( ) catheter is far superior.

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