Female External Catheter Urinary Pouch


The Female External Catheter Urinary Pouch is a One-piece disposable system for females to collect and divert urine away from the body

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The Female External Catheter Urinary Pouch is the only external device for women on the market. The odor is controlled by the use of an exclusive Hollister odor-barrier film that is transparent, strong, and lightweight. Because of the transparent pouch film it will allow any caregiver to observe the contents of collection unit without disturbing the patient. Urine is safely discharged through the convenience drain. The drain valve allows the user to empty safely and cleanly.

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Weight 0.179 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
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Designed to be worn externally (Female External Catheter)
Made from odor-barrier film and features a synthetic skin barrier which protects the skin
Pre-cut opening in the barrier can be enlarged to accommodate the anatomy of the patient
Connects to a bedside receptacle, or leg bag system for continuous collection
Designed for long time wear period of about 1 week (individuals will vary)
The only woman catheter worn externally


A Female External Catheter

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Product Specifications

Directions for Application Have the patient assume the "frog leg" position. Wash the external genital area with a mild soap and water. Trim the perineal hair. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Be sure the drain cap on the pouch is closed.
1. Measure the vulva 2. Enlarge the skin barrier opening, if necessary. DO NOT cut beyond the line indication on the release paper. Remove the release paper. 3. Apply a thin layer of Hollister Premium Paste around the barrier opening. 4. First apply the bottom end of the barrier to the perineal bridge. Secure the remainder of the barrier; avoid wrinkles. 5. Gently press against the skin until the barrier is contacting the skin at all points. Hold in place for 30 seconds. 6. Use adhesive strips around the barrier edges for added security. 7. Remove the drain cap at the bottom of the pouch and attach the tubing from a beside receptacle.
Removing the Pouch Disconnect the pouch from the bedside receptacle. Close the pouch drain cap. Have the patient assume the "frog leg" position. Gently remove the strips of tape and discard. Beginning on either side, ease the skin barrier away from the skin. Water may be used to soften the adhesive bond and facilitate removal. Dispose of used pouch according to protocol. Do not discard into a sewage system. Caution: Use of this product may not be advisable for women with urinary tract, vaginal of other chronic infections, active genital herpes or chronic urinary retention. Discontinue use of the product if any of the following symptoms appear: swelling, severe redness, itching or pain, fever or abnormal vaginal discharge.



6 reviews for Female External Catheter Urinary Pouch

  1. Alyssa

    I gave it one star because the first one worked awesome and amazing and felt free to be able to urinate on my own as I have cerebral palsy and I am confined to wheelchair and it worked for three days and finally blew out then the second one we put on blue out right away and I Peed all over my chair the third one same thing what can I do differently

    • BioRelief.com

      Hi Alyssa, I am sorry you had a bad experience. It’s very strange that it worked perfectly the first time and then it failed.
      I would suggest checking that there is no damage on the catheter which could be causing it to leak.
      This is a unique product, next I will provide you with the manufacturer’s contact details. They are a great resource to help you make sure the product is used properly:
      Hollister: 1-888-740-8999‬
      Did you make any changes to the product or the way you applied it on the 2nd and 3rd try?
      Thank you for your feedback, if you have any more questions please contact us using the online chat or call us: 1-877-782-3675

  2. Alyssa

    I gave it to stars because every time I try it it leaks I don’t know if whoever is putting it on me is doing it wrong or what but I want to be independent and I don’t want anything internal as I am a wheelchair user so I’m trying to figure out how to use these where they won’t leak in between my legs and my butt any ideas anyone?

    • BioRelief.com

      Hi Alyssa,
      This is a unique product so is important that it’s used following the step-by-step instructions provided with the product.
      I would suggest to contact the manufacturer, they could help you figure out if this is an error by the user or the product itself.
      Here is their contact info: Hollister – 1-888-740-8999‬
      Thanks for reaching out to us, I hope this issue gets resolved and you enjoy this amazing product!

  3. LottaPotty

    This was the only product I could find for purchase on-line that had adhesive and stayed in place long-term. All of the other products had to be put in place for each use. I used this for a long distance drive and it saved my sanity. I need to pee about every 30 minutes, and this was an 18-hour drive that I was dreading because of my bladder issues. I placed the pouch at the beginning of the trip and removed it at night. Had to use a second one for day 2 of the trip. That’s my biggest problem with this product, it is quite pricey for a one-time use item. Also, it was very difficult to remove, the adhesive was stuck all over my pubic area (highly recommend shaving the area before application!), and painful to remove. I would love to use this product every time I have a long distance drive, but it is way too expensive, I can’t afford it! If it was more affordable or re-usable, I’d use it quite often. The kit and pouch work very well, I did not have any problems with leakage, etc. Great product except for price!

  4. PRW

    I need these but the price is not economy priced it only lasted 1 day and the thick brown stuff stuck on client vag area bad

  5. jac

    I gave 3 stars because I purchased two pouches. One of them worked perfectly. The other either was torn or was not adhered properly at the bottom of the pouch (the plastic had a opening at the bottom) so that urine leaked out when used. I was in public when it happened and It was very embarrassing to say the least because I assumed it would work the same way the first one did.

  6. docnbay


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