Electrolytic Solution for ReBuilder Stimulation


This electrolyte solution is made specifically for use with ReBuilder medical devices. It contains a proprietary mix of minerals that restore nerve cells and promote nerve health. This solution is for use in the footpath, and for dampening conductive garments, where it enhances electrical stimulation and speeds healing.

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Numbness, tingling and pain are symptoms of neuropathy. These symptoms occur when damaged nerves fail to transmit signals or transmit abnormal signals from one nerve cell to another. These transmissions, or synapses, require specific minerals to occur. When the body doesn’t have enough of these minerals, synapses break down. Nerves go dormant, causing tingling and numbness. They can “go haywire” and cause shooting pains.

ReBuilder’s electrolyte solution contains important minerals that restore normal synaptic activity. When used in a foot bath or to dampen conductive garments, the solution has a three main benefits for nerve health. First, the electrolytes in the solution help conduct and spread the electrical impulses from the unit evenly across the treated skin and throughout conductive socks or gloves. Second, the minerals in the solution are absorbed through the skin. Once in body, they nourish nerve cells, allowing them to repair themselves and function more efficiently. Finally, the solution’s delicate balance of electrolytes and minerals is designed specifically to work with ReBuilder’s proprietary design.

Accept no substitutes for this unique solution. Using regular tap water, Epsom salts or generic electrolyte solutions carries a number of problems and dangers, both to equipment and to patients. While they might save money, substitute solutions are actually quite dangerous. Tap water contains a different balance of minerals, along with fluoride and other neurotoxins which can damage the efficacy and possibly harm your health.

Similarly, using a chemical solution or soap to clean the foot bath after therapy also carries health risks and can damage the equipment. To ensure proper hygiene, simply place a disposable plastic liner in the foot bath before each use.

Just as our solution is designed for ReBuilder, it should not be used with other electrical stimulation units. This solution has a specific balance of electrolytes and minerals that will render other devices ineffective or, perhaps, dangerous.

Combined with ReBuilder, conductive garments and a foot bath, our electrolyte solution holds the key to better nerve health!

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Pure Electrolyte Solution for Therapeutic Action

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Increases conductivity
Safe, pure, proprietary solution
Available in 8 ounce bottles and 1 Gallon jug
Made specifically for use with ReBuilder units
Contains nerve-healing minerals


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