Double Doodie PLUS Waste Bags for Portable Toilet


If you are hiking or camping, having to go to the bathroom is no longer a problem when you bring along a Double Doodie Plus Waste Bag. The Double Doodie PLUS waste bags provide the ultimate access to the toilet without having to use an ancient port-o-potty. It is easy to clean up, prevents any bad smells from spreading and has a double zipper for puncture prevention. When it comes to outdoor activities, this is the number one thing to put in the bag to make sure you don’t run into any emergencies.

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The Double Doodie Plus waste bags comes with an air-tight, sealed protector that double zips to provide the highest level of resistance. Each box consists of six individual Double Doodie Plus waste bags. Each waste bag comes with a bio-gel type of gelatin powder that makes any watered down liquid waste into a solid unit and completely covers up any bad smells.

When comparing the Double Doodie PLUS waste bags with its previous predecessor, the regular Double Doodie, it has all the same benefits except that the Double Doodie PLUS can hold a much larger capacity of waste while being able to contain the odor and solidify the waste. If you are ever having problems with your plumbing at home and need a quick fix so your family doesn’t decide to move someplace else, go out and get yourself a Double Doodie PLUS waste bags and let the plumber handle the problem without rushing. That not only saves you money, but also ensures the work being done to your home is inspected and perfected.

The Double Doodie PLUS Waste bags are a great way to manage your toilet needs, without having to worry about disposing of the waste or stinking up the place. The waste bags were designed to sustain a large amount of waste making them very effective against single uses.

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Weight 2.187 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
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Bullet Points

Prevents Odor
Makes clean up easy
Double Zips
Bio-Gel Gelatin Powder For Easy Disposal
Each Box Comes With 6 Bags


Great for Camping, Tailgating, and Emergency Preparedness




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