Covidien DURASORB Adult Economy Underpads


DURASORB Adult Economy Underpads by Covidien provides protection from wetness for beds, furniture, chairs, and wheelchairs when dealing with individuals with incontinence. Ideal for individuals who cannot wear adult briefs, diapers, and other absorbent products due to infection or irritation. For use at home or in long-term assisted living facilities.


Provides continuous protection against wetness with its highly absorbent layers. The underpads protect sheets, linens, furniture, and wheelchairs from getting soiled with urine or feces at a cost that is affordable. Contains a top sheet made with spunbound, nonwoven material to facilitate quick absorption of liquid. The top sheet is embossed with diamond designs to allow fluid to be absorbed quickly by the pad and offers stability. A back sheet made of polypropylene material that ensures protection from leakage. It also resists melting when coming in contact with heat. A fluff core that is highly absorbent ensures adequate protection for individuals with heavy incontinence.

Providing maximum protection at a budget-friendly price, suitable for reducing the effects of incontinence on sheets, furniture, and mobility aids. With an innovative design, outstanding features, and quality materials, urine and other liquids can be easily absorbed and disposed of while maintaining user comfort at the same time.

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in






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Bullet Points

Provide heavy incontinence protection.
Spun bound non-woven topsheet.
Primarily for wheelchair/mobility or bed covers
Fluff filled core with super absorbent layer
Ideal for overnight leakage protection.
10 Pads to a Bag / 15 Bags to a Case
23" x 36" size


Absorbent sheet layers for adult incontinence at home or in a medical long-term care facility. Durasorb provides a protective barrier for sheets, linens, beds, and wheelchairs.


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