Conveen Security+ Self-Sealing External Male Catheter Coloplast


100% Silicone External Male Catheter that features a Pull Tab that prevents gloves from sticking to the catheter, and helps those with manual dexterity that have difficulty applying them.

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Conveen Male External Catheter Size Guide

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These external male catheters have the anti kink bulb to prevent urine back flow even when it is completely bent over.  The bellow ensures a continuous flow.  A push ring gives the catheter a secure connection to the collection bag or drainage bag so that the user knows it is attached.  Contains a skin friendly adhesive that is gentle on the skin, and has a transparent sheath so that skin can be monitored.  A pull tab allows for easy application. An MEC made of breathable silicone that is good for the skin.

Male Catheter Sizing

When sizing the catheter if you find yourself in between 2 sizes it is best to size down.  Using a blunt pair of scissors you can snip the band at the end of the catheter closest to the body.  This will release any pressure you may fill if the male catheter is too tight. 

Removing Male Catheter

If you have trouble removing the catheter you can use some soap and warm water.  Most men are able to remove it with little to no difficulty.  If you still have any trouble you can use an adhesive remover

Using Male Catheter with Sensitive Skin

For men with sensitive skin the use of a skin barrier can be beneficial.  When applied to the skin it creates a transparent layer of “fake skin”. This way the male catheter is adhering to the barrier and not the real skin.  This can also help with the removal of the catheter.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

A skin friendly, self-sealing, patient friendly latex free MEC

Bullet Points

Available in 5 Sizes
Anti Kink Bulb
Soft, Latex Free
Pull Tab for easy application
Easy on skin
Click here for theConveen Male External Catheter Size Guide

Manufacturer SKU

5221, 5225, 5230, 5235, 5240, 5221H, 5225H, 5230H, 5235H, 5240H







2 reviews for Conveen Security+ Self-Sealing External Male Catheter Coloplast

  1. jumazak

    Very secure fitting. Glue holds well but still allows pain free, easy removal.

  2. Crabby

    The conveen security + has worked very well and is so much more desirable to use than having to wear the diapers/pads that I had been using. No more messy overflows, no smelly urine odors, no bulky crotch.

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