Conveen Security Plus Lever Leg Bag System


The Conveen Security Plus Lever Leg Bag System is replacing the popular Freedom Fas-Tap brand urine leg bags from Coloplast.  The new and improved features will give wearers much greater comfort and security.  The kits are Latex Free and made of a soft softer, more flexible non-PVC film.  Available in 2 different sizes to accommodate those who want a large volume bag, or a smaller bag for those who experience light incontinence. Compatable with all male external catheters.

You still get:
• The same secure and reliable collection of urine
• Easy-to-operate valve designed by Coloplast

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The Conveen Security Plus Lever Leg Bag is taking the place of the 9005 and 9007 Flocked Back with Fas Tap Leg Bag kits from Coloplast. The changes made will offer greater comfort for the individual who wants a secure leg bag system. These bags are much more subtle against the skin and extremely soft.  Unlike the older version which were a thick vinyl.

The tubing provided with these bags is a corrugated and prevents any kinking that was sometimes an issue with more thicker tubing with the previous kits. The connector on these bags is permanently attached to the end of the tubing and cannot be removed.

The Velcro straps are 1″ wide and come in 2 different lengths.  They are cut to fit with the shorter length used for the bottom of the leg bag, and the longer for the upper part.

The release valve is an easy to open and close lever feature. This makes emptying the bag much easier for those who have a manual dexterity problem.  Even with a closed fists the user wil be able to empty the collection bag, and return it to a closed position with ease.

The lever tap offers “delayed flow” functionality, which gives you extra security when emptying the bag and protects against accidental opening of the tap.

Urine remains in the tube and catheter collapses

Some men have an issue with the leg bag and urine is retaining in the tubing and the catheter is collapsing while on the penis. What is happening is a vacuum effect when the leg bag is drained. When the urine is draining it is pulling the air with it creating the vacuum effect. This collapses the catheter and will not allow all the urine to drain from the tubing and the bag will appear to be stuck together.

An easy way to alleviate this is to first make sure that there is a small pocket of air in the collection bag before the bag is used for the first time of the day. This can be done by blowing into the tubing before inserting the catheter in it. Then when the bag is drained do not drain the entire amount from the bag. Leave a small amount of urine in the bag ( an ounce or so) and this will prevent the vacuum you may experience. It should not interfere with the operation of the bag, but it’s better to not have this.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in


Product Specifications

Leg Bag Dimensions
1000ml 7" wide at the top of the bag and 6" wide at the bottom. 10" long in length
500ml 6" wide at the top of the bag and 5" wide at the bottom.  9 1/2" long in length






New and improved Leg Bag Kits replacing the Freedom Fas Tap kits

Bullet Points

Available in 2 sizes 500ml and 1000ml leg bag
A more organic shape that helps it sit more naturally on the leg
20 inch A corrugated anti-kink tube that prevents backflow and
gives you extra security
Softer, more flexible non-PVC film
Greater environmental friendliness and minimized risk to
health thanks to its PVC- and phthalate-free construction

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