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The Conveen Security Plus Leg Bag System is replacing the popular Freedom brand urine leg bags from Coloplast.  The new and improved features will give wearers much greater comfort and security.  The kits are Latex Free and made of a soft softer, more flexible non-PVC film.  The back of the collection bag is flocked with a thin layer of fabric so it is more comfortable against the skin.  Available in 2 different sizes to accommodate those who want a large volume bag, or a smaller bag for those who experience light incontinence. Compatable with all male external catheters.

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The Conveen Security Plus Leg Bag system is taking the place of the 7088 and 7078 Leg Bag kits from Coloplast. These were some of the more popular kits that were offered with the Stadium Pal and Stadium Gal kits. The changes made will offer greater comfort for the individual who wants a secure leg bag system. These bags are much more subtle against the skin and extremely soft.  The older bags were much thicker and bulkier for many users.

The tubing provided with these bags is a corrugated and prevents any kinking that was sometimes an issue with solid tubing with the previous kits. Every 2 inches of the 20 inch tube there is a smooth section. When trimming the tube cut directly above the smooth section and leave as much of the smooth section as possible. This is what the connector fits into.

The Velcro straps are fastened to the collection bag and the trimmed a comfortable length. The straps come in two different widths. The 1 ½ inch strap is used for the upper part of the bag. The 1 inch is for the lower section. 

The release valve is an easy to open and close snap button feature. Pull down with your thumb or fore finger to open and drain the bag. Push back up to close until it securely fastens.

Urine remains in the tube and catheter collapses

Some men have an issue with the leg bag and urine is retaining in the tubing and the catheter is collapsing while on the penis. What is happening is a vacuum effect when the leg bag is drained. When the urine is draining it is pulling the air with it creating the vacuum effect. This collapses the catheter and will not allow all the urine to drain from the tubing and the bag will appear to be stuck together.

An easy way to alleviate this is to first make sure that there is a small pocket of air in the collection bag before the bag is used for the first time of the day. This can be done by blowing into the tubing before inserting the catheter in it. Then when the bag is drained do not drain the entire amount from the bag. Leave a small amount of urine in the bag ( an ounce or so) and this will prevent the vacuum you may experience. It should not interfere with the operation of the bag, but it’s better to not have this.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Product Specifications

Leg Bag Dimensions
1000ml 7" wide at the top of the bag and 6" wide at the bottom. 10" long in length
500ml 6" wide at the top of the bag and 5" wide at the bottom.  9 1/2" long in length





Bullet Points

Available in 2 sizes 500ml and 1000ml leg bag
Organic shape that helps it sit more naturally on the leg
20 inch A corrugated anti-kink tube that prevents backflow and
gives you extra security
Adjustable tubing so you can cut it to your preferred length
Wide Velcro Strap for greater comfort

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New and improved Leg Bag Kits replacing the Freedom T-Tap kits

6 reviews for Conveen Security Plus Leg Bag System

  1. Rockin’ John

    The wider straps with the button attachments are a great improvement over the old narrower straps: much more comfortable and easier to apply. With the new pinch lever drain apparatus, i don’t have to remember whether or not the toggle is in the correct (on or off) position before use. A great product. I’ll continue to be a returning customer.

  2. Petro

    For someone who has had a “going” problem my whole life, It’s a Godsend! I actually heard about it on “The Big Bang Theory” a while back and kept it in the back of my mind. I finally decided to get one and it’s, without a doubt, one of the best purchases I ever made.

  3. leavewellenoughalone

    Coloplast should have left the bag alone for those of us who golf or wear shorts this hose is asinine. you can’t cut it is is sharp and cuts into the leg. SHAME SHAMEON COLOPLAST

  4. leavewellenoughalone

    Coloplast should have left the bag alone for those of us who golf or wear shorts this hose is asinine. you can’t cut it is is sharp and cuts into the leg. SHAME SHAMEON COLOPLAST

  5. Wharton (verified owner)

    Great product! Thanks for your prompt service.


    Listen up Coloplast 1000ml collection bag users, the Freedom Coloplast 1000ml bag is no more and has been replaced with the Conveen Security Plus Leg Bag System (SKU: CP-SECURITY-FL) and Conveen Security Plus Lever Leg Bag System (SKU: CP-SECURITY-LV) .
    They are similar but there are differences. The SKU: CP-SECURITY-FL has a thin flocked backing, a flip/pinch type drain valve and a generous 21.5 inch length of kink resistant connection hose fused to the top of the bag that may be trimmed to length then the conical external catheter connection to be inserted to the end of the un-corrugated section of hose.
    The SKU: CP-SECURITY-LV bag does not have the flocked backing, has a lever/toggle drain valve and the connection is the same 21.5 inch length as the SKU: CP-SECURITY-FL . But the conical external catheter connection is fused to the hose and I do not see any way to shorten the hose short of tying a knot in it. Not feasible.
    Be aware and be careful what you order.

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