Conveen Security+ Contoured Leg Bag for Incontinence


The contoured leg bag from Conveen offers a discreet design and safely hugs the leg, making sure that the presence of the product is invisible. The continence care leg bag is made of soft, latex-free fabric and is more convenient. It is providing more comfort for incontinence patients. The latex-free tubing is allowing people to get on with their life without much disturbance and skin reactions.

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The lightweight Contoured Leg Bag with comfortable design that can be hidden under clothes, and many patients have reported a noticeable change after changing to the latex-free leg bag. They can move freely, as the bag is attached safely to the body, and it is one of the best solutions for people with disability.

The continence care leg bag holds up to 600 to 800 ml of urine; lasting longer than most products. That way the number of daily disturbances can be reduced, and patients with disability problems can live a more complete life. It connects safely and easily to catheters and urisheaths, reducing the risk of infection and skin irritation. You will also have two options, based on your needs: sterile and non-sterile bags.

The outlet valve of the tube is extremely easy to use, as it is visible when it is open or closed, and even patients can hear or feel it. A little click makes the latex-free tubing easy to attach and operate, even for inexperienced caregivers. The non-woven material of the backing will reduce the occurrence of skin conditions, as it allows the skin to breathe freely. The multi-channel urine bag is distributing the liquid evenly in the bag, so it is always staying invisible, unlike other bags, getting large after filling up.

The easy to use and secure drain is also suitable to be used by non-professional caregivers. The Conveen Contoured Leg Bag is available in two sizes: 600 and 800 ml capacity.

Additional information

Weight 0.375 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

How to Use the Conveen Security+ Contoured Leg Bag
Conveen Contoured leg bag is available in 600 ml and 800 ml capacity with an adjustable inlet tube.
1. If the connector is not pre-connected to the tubing:

A.The tube may be shortened to the desired length using ordinary scissors.

B. To attach the connector to the tube, squeeze the tube a couple of centimeters away from the end at the same time, push the connector as far into the tube as possible.
Now the connector and tubing are connected.
2. The outlet tap of the Conveen Countoured leg bag is always open when the bags are packed.  Before using the bag you will need to ensure the outlet tap is in closed position. To close the outlet tap, push the clamp lever upwards, until you feel it click into place.

3. Attach the bag to your leg using the Conveen leg bag straps provided.  To fit eh bag securely to your leg, fasten the buttons through the slits at each end, adjusting the straps for comfortable fit.  Do not have the straps to tight as this could impair circulation.  Any surplus strap can be trimmed off.  When washed at 40 degrees C, the straps will shrink by up to 2%.
4. If the connector has a protective cap remove it.

5. Attach the connector securely to the urisheath/male external catheter, or catheter and ensure that the tubing is not kinked, so there is no obstruction of the flow of urine.
6. To empty the bag, direct the outlet tube into the toilet, or other suitable receptacle and open the outlet tap.  You may find it easier if you unbutton or remove the bottom leg strap before emptying the bag.

Always remember to close the outlet tap after emptying the bag. To close the outlet tap, push the clamp lever upwards until you feel it click into place.
7. For sterile bags only.
A sample of urine can be taken when required via the sample port.  Taking a sample of urine from the sample port is easier if inserted slightly slanted.
8. Conveen Contoured leg bags can easily be connected to the other Coloplast products (e.g. the Conveen night drainage) 1500 ml (product code 5062 and 5063).  When connecting the leg and night bag together, ensure the outlet tap on the night drainage bag is fully closed.  Push the night drainage bag connector firmly into the outlet tube of the Conveen Contoured leg bag and open the leg night bag outlet tap to allow drainage.
To remove the night drainage bag, close the outlet tap on the leg bag, and gently twist the connector of the night drainage bag away from the bag outlet tube.  Avoid touching the open end of the connector and always wash your hands before and after connecting/disconnecting
Change the bag according to local guidelines and recommendations.
Sterile Products:
Single packed products are sterile unless the single packing has been opened or damaged.  Do not re-sterilize.  Single use only
Coloplast accepts no liability for any injury or other loss that may arise in the use of this product in a manner contrary to Coloplast’s current recommendations.

Product Specifications

SKU 5174
800 ml 45 cm
7" Wide x 10" Long
SKU 5170
600ml 45 cm
6" Wide x 9" Long





Manufacturer SKU

5170, 5174


With 3 Chambers in the Leg Bag Liquid is distributed evenly for a discreet wear

Bullet Points

Hugs the leg
Discreet design
18’’ tubing
Soft fabric


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