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Coloplast’s Medical Design Excellence Awards Winner for 2007 is a trouble free external male catheter that is easy and safe to use. Available in 2 different styles to accommodate your needs.  The Standard Length (4″), and the Sport Length (2″) which has less material in the sheath so it does not leave roll of excess material at the base.

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A Latex-Free one piece male external catheter.  Made of 100% soft silicone that is breathable with a balanced adhesive to provide security and is gentle on the skin.  A triple action anti-leak system features a anti-kink bellow, sure grip ribs, and push ring ensures maximum security to the leg bag. For some users manual dexterity can be an issue when a male catheter needs to be rolled on.  With the double grip strip you simply pull the strip towards your body once the catheter is positioned correctly at the head of the penis, and the catheter is applied correctly every time. The double tab also helps prevent nurse’s gloves sticking to the male catheter and helps patients who have difficulty putting on catheters.  A winner of the 2007 Medical Design Excellence Award for its unique design, ease to use, and reliability for skin friendliness.

It is recommended that the skin should be cleaned with a mild soap that does not contain moisturizers.

How to Choose a Size of Male Catheter

  1. Measure the circumference of the penis, using the sizing guide. Measure the widest part of the non-erect penis. If the penis is circumference is in between two sizes, select the smaller size. Selecting the larger size can result in wrinkles, which can trap urine and promote eventual detachment of the catheter.
  2. Using the ruler, determine the appropriate sheath length: Standard (about 4 inches or 10 cm) or Sport (about 2 inches or 5 cm), keeping in mind that you do not want any excess role/sheath.

Instructions for applying the Conveen Optima Male Catheter

  1. Trim pubic hair. This can be done using a blunt pair of scissors,  or electric hair trimmer
  2. Clean penis with basic soap and warm water no moisturizing soap or moisturizing shower gels no moisturizing cream or talc. Dry thoroughly
  3. If any chance of skin tear, apply a non-sting skin prep to the portion of the penis that will be in contact with the catheter adhesive.
  4. If uncircumcised do not pull back the skin. Leave it in its natural state
  5. If you choose the sport but there is still excess sheath, use blunts nose scissors to remove the excess sheath.
  6. Open the correct size of sheath, pull the tab down slowly rolling the sheath onto the penis, keeping about 1/4”-3/4” (1-2cm) gap between the penis tip and the outlet tube. Ensure a smooth application without ripples, ridges or wrinkles. If you do have ripples, resize and apply slowly.
  7. Gently squeeze the catheter around the shaft of the penis for a few seconds, to ensure adhesion.
  8. No additional adhesive is necessary. Do not tape.
  9. Connect the leg bag or bedside drainage bag, inserting the connector of the tubing deep into the full length of the catheter tip. Otherwise, you chance this disconnecting.

Video On Using The Conveen Optima Male External Catheter

Removing the External Male Catheter

  1. Removal: Change the catheter daily, including a thorough skin inspection to ensure skin integrity. First, detach the catheter from the urine collection system. Then, slowly roll the catheter off the penis.
  2. If the sheath does not roll off easily, you can use warm soapy water or adhesive remover to aid the removal process.

Sensitive skin using a Male External Catheter

For sensitive or delicate skin the use of a skin barrier may be necessary. When a skin barrier is applied to the area of the penis that the adhesive in the sheath of the catheter comes in contact with, it creates an invisible shield.  It can also be called a “fake skin”.  The skin barrier acts as a shield for the skin so that the adhesive is not coming in contact with the skin, but the barrier itself.  The skin barrier is easily removed using warm water and soap.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

100% Silicone male catheter with Pull Tab. Individually packaged in a discreet, recyclable smart pack

Bullet Points

Latex free
Available in 2 different styles, and 4 sizes
Anti leak system
Balanced adhesive
Recyclable smart pack
Anti kink bellows ensures flow continues even when bentClick here for theConveen Male External Catheter Size Guide

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22025, 22030, 22035, 22040, 22121, 22125, 22130, 22135 CP-22








How to apply the Coveen Optima
(If necessary trim pubic hair. Clean and dry the penile area.)
1. Hold with one hand on the lower part of the smart pack and use the thumb on your hand to push the upper part away and the packing wil open.
2. Hold on the top of the catheter to help with positioning.  Place the catheter over the penis, but keep a 1-2 cm gap between the tip of the penis and the outlet tube.  use your other hand to pull the loop of the double strip grip slowly towards you, unrolling the catheter smoothly and evenly.
3. Gently squeeze the catheter around the shaft of the penis to ensure adhesion.  No additional adhesive is necessary.  Each catheter may be left in place for 24 hours between changes and must not be re-applied.
4. Connect the catheter to a urine bag by inserting the bag connector securely into the tip of the fitted catheter.  The catheter has sure grip ribs on the tip and a push ring connector at the end of the outlet, which makes it easy for you to hold when you attach the collection bag.
5. To remove: detach the catheter from the urine bag and carefully roll it off.  If required, use warm water to adi the removal process.

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  1. .

    I don’t have a review yet, just a question. Does this work with a retractable penis? Have tried other products but don’t work well.

  2. Marv

    I wear these while riding a recumbent trike. The discharge tube has to be routed upwards through the waistband of my bike shorts and this, in addition to the pedaling motion, often leads to the discharge area being crimped. When this has happened, the backed-up urine has dissolved the adhesive. My solution has been to wrap the condom with surgical tape and to reach down inside my pants when I have to urinate to make sure there is no crimping. This works. To be free of having to find a place six times during a ride to urinate in privacy, is liberating and has made my bicycling much more enjoyable.

  3. JoeyO

    For almost a year I have been using depends and surfed the internet hoping to find a solution. I did. After trying several external catheters the Optima proved the best for me.The correct size is important for success. But when you do it is freedom again. I am very active playing golf and doing work around the house so the disposable sport leg bag works great with the catheter. You need to make sure your completely dry before applying. I also use a prep before using. It has stayed secure for the entire day. I recommend this product to anyone that wants to get rid of the bulky undergarments. I also have save a good bit of money because I don’t have to change 5 time a day.

  4. Del (verified owner)

    For the past two years I have been confined to a wheelchair. Recently, we took a long airplane flight. I was worried about not being able to walk to the bathroom. Fortunately, I discovered the external catheter. Connected to a leg bag it worked like a charm. I experimented a few days before the flight with different sizes to make sure I wouldn’t have any leakage. I have since tried a couple of other brands but I like this one best for two reasons. It has stronger adhesive and the little strap makes it easier to put on. Great product!

  5. Frank

    I was verry much satisfied.

  6. Max (verified owner)

    The site description and photograph gave me virtually all the information I needed to asses the product without actually holding it. On opening the package there were no surprises it was exactly what I thought I was ordering. Very good quality.

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