Clean Sense Bidet Toilet Seat


The word bidet (pronounced beeday) may not be a familiar one but it refers to a personal cleaning method using water. Traditionally, bidets have been separate installations in the bathroom which require space that not all homes have. The Clean Sense bidet is designed to be installed onto the existing toilet thereby negating the need for any bathroom remodeling or valuable space utilization.



The Clean Sense Bidet Toilet Seat has a simplistic function that eliminates the need for toilet paper because it’s a hygienic and beneficial stream of water. Instead of reaching for the toilet tissue a simple turn of the knob initiates a stream of water. This gives the Clean Sense another advantage over conventional stand alone bidets because it saves the toilet user from having to leave the toilet to sit on the bidet. It is also more hygienic than using toilet tissue as paper leaves residue leaving the genito-anal region prone to bacterial growth and infections.

Thanks to the ease of operation, being hands free and reduced risk of insufficient cleaning the Clean Sense bidet is an ideal solution for hands-free toilet use. People with mobility problems who struggle to bend from the hip need have no concern about being able to reach all parts to be wiped, elderly people with joint issues who similarly might have reach issues, people who suffer from reduced mobility in their hands thanks to arthritis, rheumatism will all find the Clean Sense bidet provides a much more comfortable toilet experience than conventional flush operations. It is also a dignity saving aid to those who may require full time care or help with the cleaning process.

This bidet toilet seat is designed for a total comfort experience. It is controlled by a built in side panel that adjusts functions to personal preference. The water stream can be adjusted for heat, pressure and has pulsing and massaging settings. After the wet cleanse is complete, the body is dried with warm air and the warm seat, both adjustable for temperature.

The bidet contains state of the art features such as a smart power saving and a powerful charcoal air filter/deodorizer that eliminates up to 90% of any odor.

There are also built in safety features and easy cleaning.

The Clean Sense Bidet Seat comes in Elongated and Round models with or without remote – Manual (DIB-1500) or with remote control (DIB-1500R) for total hands free operation.


  • Warm Air Dryer plus Deodorizer
  • 120V AC
  • Warm Seat
  • Seat safety sensor
  • Soft Close Seat and Lid
  • On Demand Continuous Warm Water
  • One Wand
  • 3 Nozzle tips – Front, Rear and Enema
  • In Use Moving Nozzles Massage function
  • Bubble wash and Pulse wash function
  • Panel Control
  • Quick release feature for cleaning
  • Energy saving feature
  • Child safety feature
  • Added Carbon Filter Deodorizer
  • Continuous Warm Water
  • Warm Air Dryer
  • Elongated and Rounds models
  • 220/240V AC models available
  • Optional Remote Control

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Bullet Points

Adjustable nozzle position
Pulse Wash
Self Cleaning technology
Self diagnosis
Power saving function
Round and Elongated option
Available in White only
220 volt models available


Paper free cleansing with superior hygiene from a bidet toilet seat

Manufacturer SKU

DIB-1500, DIB-1500R



Product Specifications

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