Century Camping Portable Toilet 5.2 gallon


This completely portable and functional toilet is all you need to make your camping experience.

We have more personal hygiene products for camping, like the sanitizer for human waste CHEMISAN and the unisex portable urinal URIWELL!


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You can turn human waste to humus type compost, thanks to the new ChemiSan powder application.

ChemiSan Sanitizer for Human Waste

The Little John

The Little John Portable Urinal receptacle for travel, camping, or outdoor sports. This hand held latrine is a great product for dealing with incontinence and all types of emergencies

Little John Portable Urinal

The Century Camping Portable Toilet is a great addition to your camping and boating experience, especially if you like to rough it, but not really “rough it”. Most of us have started our camping life by crawling into tents and cooking over a blazing campfire. We eventually move on to pop-ups or then self-contained RV’s, while those of us who used to fly across the lake on our ski boats have decided that a roomy pontoon would better serve our needs.

Not only can you use this portable toilet while camping, but it will also be a great addition to your boating experience. The Century Camping Portable Toilet is an excellent alternative for those campers who may not have an RV with full facilities, while boaters will find it super-convenient when out on the lake.

The well built, corrosion-resistant side latches lock the tanks together and the removable tank drains completely. The double-seated drain valve guards against leakage. It stands 15.5 inches high, 16.5 inches deep, with a width of 14.5 inches. It comes with a 3.2 fresh-water holding tank and 5 gallon waste tank. These features ensure an optimal camping or boating experience.
“Roughing it” doesn’t have to be so rough anymore. The Century Camping Portable Toilet will make your camping and boating experience great.

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Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

A Completely Portable and Functional Toilet System for Small Groups

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Features include:

Generous 5 gallon stand
Self-contained with an ergonomic handle for easy carrying
Full-sized seat
Thick wall construction
Flushes with fresh water
Non-glossy finish hides scratches


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Product Specifications

Depth 16.5"
Width 14.5"
Height  15.5"


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